Alexander "Sandy" Koonce
Professor of Mathematics
Chair, Department of Mathematics and Computer Science
I grew up in rural Maine and attended Dartmouth College, where I obtained my A.B. in Mathematics. While I was there, I took more courses in Russian language and literature than in mathematics, and studied in Leningrad (now St. Petersburg). I went on to get my Ph.D. at Stanford University.

Since then, I was a Gibbs Intructor of Mathematics at Yale University for two years, spent five years at Vassar College, and have been at Redlands since 1993. My research interests include Algebraic Topology (using algebraic means to study things like doughnuts and knots), Mathematical Modeling, and good old problem-solving. I am also the coordinator for Redlands students who take the Putnam Exam.

Outside of mathematics, my main interests are hiking, birding and Ultimate Frisbee. I am the compiler for San Bernardino County for the journal North American Birds, and have led a number of bird walks (some around campus!) I am also the advisor to the men's and women's Ultimate teams at Redlands, and twice played on the World-Championship winning United States National Masters Ultimate teams.

Current courses: (spring 2008)

Courses I have taught:

Math for the Liberal Arts, Calculus I,II, and III, Techniques in Problem Solving, Discrete Problem-Solving Seminar (Knot Theory), Introduction to Modeling, Linear Algebra, College Geometry, Real Analysis, Complex Analysis, Abstract Algebra, Point Set Topology, and many individualized courses.

University of Redlands

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