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Physics 233
General Physics III

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Ch. E15: Intro to Waves
Unit O: Optics

Professor: Alan DeWeerd
Office: Appleton 120
Phone: Extension 8658
Office Hours: Mon. & Thurs. 1-3 p.m. (My schedule is available online.)

Problem Solving Strategy - an approach used by most expert problem solvers

Assignments are on WebAssign, so check there regularly.

ProbViewer: View homework solutions with the password given in class. (Mac OSX, Windows, and Linux)

LinReg: Plot data with uncertainty (error) bars and for calculate linear least-square fits. (Mac OSX, Windows, and Linux)

  • Type "r" in a data cell to calculate mean, standard deviation, and uncertainty of a set of measurements.
  • Type "=" in a data cell to propagate uncertainties. (This take the place of the program PropUnc mentioned in the Lab Reference Manual.)

Spins: Create a laboratory of simulated Stern-Gerlach devices and run experiments. (Mac OSX, Windows, Linux)
TEvoSim: Simulates the time-evolution of the wavefunction of a quanton-in-a-box. (
Mac OSX, Windows, Linux)
SchroSolver: Displays bound-state solutions to the one-dimensional time-independent Schrodinger equation. (Mac OSX, Windows, Linux)

StatMech: Creates macropartition tables for Einstein solids. (Mac OSX, Windows, Linux)
Equilibrium: Animates the random interchanges of energy between two objects. (
Mac OSX, Windows, Linux)
MBoltz: Numerically evaluates the area under the Maxwell-Boltzmann distribution. (
Mac OSX, Windows, Linux)
EBoltz: Numerically evaluates the average energy and heat capacity of a simple quantum system. (
Mac OSX, Windows, Linux)

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