Redlands SkyViews

What's Up? We've all seen the sun from Redlands and maybe the moon on a warm evening, but what else is up there? Quite a lot actually. Here's the place to find out what in Redlands!

What Can I See This Week?
News of the new and interesting above you is courtesy of Sky & Telescope Online Magazine.

Here is a constantly updated image of the Sun with news of auroral storms and other astronomical events The picture is taken in a very specific wavelength of red light (called H-alpha) emitted by hydrogen gas - the most common component of the Sun. The images are updated once a minute. If it is blank, clouds may be obscuring the Sun, or it has already set.

Here are daily viewing times for orbiting spacecraft you can see from your own front yard. For cities other than Redlands, or the rest of the world, go to the main website at: Heavens-Above.

The International Space Station (ISS).

Iridium Communication Satellite Flares.

The Hubble Space Telescope (HST).

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