Publications and Research by
William Huntley


A.           Published articles:


“Remembering Hugh Anderson,” (2003)  University of Edinburgh Divinity School Journal..


“Yone Noguchi and C. Miller, An American Mentor to a Poet from Japan,” Journal for the Comparative Study of Civilizations, Vol. 6, (2001),  research from Letters of Yone Noguchi to various correspondents, from unpublished letters at the Huntington Library and elswhere.


"Japan..A report on ten years of teaching January 'Interims" (l999) (in Japanese,  Reiro.


"Report on the Institute of Asian Studies Faculty Seminar in Beijing, June 1995,"  (l996) Asia Network Exchange,  Vol. 6.


“Captain Janes and the Kumamoto Band”, (1991) American Journal of Asian Studies.


"Views of Japan from the Black Ships" (1990), Reitaku University Journal.


"A Hundred Years of Hearn's Japan" (1989), Waseda Journal of Asian



"An American view of the Murders at Meguro,"  (1989)special issue of The Journal of Social Education  subtitled "Oya Shirazu, Ko Shirazu", Parents do not understand children's minds, and children also do not understand  (their) parents'  mind

"Discovering 'Moralogy' in Japan" (l989), Proceedings of the International Conference of Orientalists in Japan.


"Jefferson and Japan" (1978), Waseda Journal of Asian Studies.


"Jefferson's Public and Private Religion" (1980), South Atlantic Journal.


"Dave Hume and Charles Darwin" (1972)  Journal of the History of Ideas.


"Today Is A Day for Speeches,"  (July 4, l985), Invited Editorial Opinion, The Sun, San Bernardino, California.


{Seven of the items above can be retrieved from a CD-R produced in 2002 during a Sabbatical leave from the University of Redlands entitled “Experiencing Japan.”  which includes heretofore unpublished reflections on a dozen trips to Japan with students from l986-2001. 


B.  Book Reviews:

Tale of Murasaki,


"Buddhism in Practice" a review of D. S. Lopez Education about Asia   (Winter l998).


with Yasuyuki Owada, a review of "Asia:  Case Studies in the Social   Sciences, A guide for Teaching,"  The Asian Network Exchange IV. 1   (March l996).


"The Disappointed," a review of Seventh Day Adventism, Journal of the Early Republic, Vol. VII, l988).


"Jefferson's Extracts from the Gospels, ed. Adams, Journal of the Early Republic, (Vol. IV, l984).


"Reflections on May term 2005 traveling to Japan and India with Prof. Pani Chakrapani.