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East & Southeast Asia: An Annotated Directory of Internet Resources
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Vietnam: Political & Social Issues
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Human Rights Refugees Political Dissidents & Exiles
Law Social Issues Family Issues
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Human Rights
Amnesty International Report: Viet Nam
New2005; 20042003; 2002; 2001; 2000
National summary of the human rights situation
Country Report on Human Rights Practices: Vietnam
2003; 2002; 2001; 2000; 1999; 1998
Reports by the Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights, & Labor, U.S. Department of State
Hanoi: Building Toward a New Future in Viet Nam A State Magazine Post of the Month (Feb. 1998), along with an article on USIS Hanoi
Human Rights Watch World Report 2002: Vietnam Human rights developments; defending human rights; the role of the international community
Internet under Surveillance 2004: Vietnam From Reporters sans frontičres's 2004 report on "Obstacles to the free flow of information online"
Interview with Doan Viet Hoat Interview with Vietnamese human rights observer by Michou Nguyen in Harvard Asia Quarterly (Winter 2001)
Vietnam Human Rights Network (in Vietnamese) A San Diego-based organization
Vietnam's Human Rights Issues in Contemporary Perspective Essay by Doan Viet Hoat in Harvard Asia Quarterly (Autumn 2000)
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NewBoat People: A Refugee Crisis From Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) Archives: radio & TV clips on Vietnamese refugees fleeing by boat after the end of the Vietnam War; links
Estimation of International Migration for Vietnam, 1979-1989 Paper by Giovanna Merli (March 1997)
NewReuters AlertNet - Vietnam Montagnard Crisis News stories on Montagnard refugees & returnees to Vietnam
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Political Dissidents & Exiles
Coalition of Vietnamese National Parties History & activities of organization of Vietnamese exiles dedicated to "To bring back a free and restore a democratic society to Vietnam"
Dieãn Ñařn Daân Chuű (in Vietnamese) A dissident site: "Vietnam's forum on democracy, liberty, human rights & national policies"
Loyal Opposition: The Rise of Vietnamese Dissidents Zachary Abuza's essay in Harvard Asia Quarterly (Spring 2000)
mang Y Kien (in Vietnamese) A dissident forum
NewWhat Remains: Vietnam in My Heart "bittersweet memoir of the sorrows of war and hopes of national reconciliation" by Pham Thi Hoài, the exiled Vietnamese novelist (openDemocracy, Apr. 29, 2005)
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The Organisation and Operation of Administrative Courts in Vietnam Quang Nguyen on judicial reform in Vietnam (Proceedings of the 15th Biennial Conference of the Asian Studies Association of Australia in Canberra, 2004; PDF format)
Strengthening Law and Governance in Vietnam Highlights of Asia Foundation program (June 2001; PDF format)
Viet Nam Law Database (in Vietnamese)
Viet Nam Law Documents A selection compiled by Vern Weitzel
World Legal Information Institute: Viet Nam Laws & legal information, organized by various categories
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Social Issues
Daughter From Danang Companion site for PBS documentary on an Amerasian woman's return to Vietnam in search of her mother
Social Watch Country Report: Viet Nam Compiled by an international network checking on the fulfillment of internationally agreed commitments on poverty eradication & equality: present situation; progress & regression; signatures & ratifications
Thoughts on Resettlement: Participatory discussions in Vietnam with potentially affected persons Anders Hjort-af-Ornäs's paper on resettlement of villagers in areas affected by dam constructions (Asia Insight, no. 2, June 2003)
State of the Environment in Vietnam 2001 United Nations Environment Programme publication on bio-physical and socio-economic conditions and trends in Vietnam
Viet Nam Children in Prostitution in Hanoi, Hai Phong, Ho Chi Minh City and Can Tho: a Rapid Assessment Le Bach Duong's 2002 study based on interviews with 122 children for International Labour Organization (ILO) (PDF format)
Vietnam: The Last Battle Web site furthering information provided in John Pilger's documentary, with video clips, chronology, related sites, articles, & books
NewVietnam Demography and Society Research Projects "information and documentation for collaborative research projects conducted by: Center For Studies in Demography and Ecology, University of Washington and the Institute of Sociology, Hanoi - Vietnam": Vietnam Life History Survey 1991 (VLHS); Vietnam Longitudinal Survey 1995 - Present (VLS)
NewVietnam Portal of Forest and Trade Asia "Vietnam-specific information on forest certification and responsible wood sourcing ... as well as news about foresty issues in Vietnam"
Vietnam's Condom Revolution A Global Health Council field note by Annmarie Christensen
NewVietnamese Fishing in Troubled Waters Tran Dinh Thanh Lam on over-exploitation of marine resources by Vietnamese fishermen (Asia Times, May 25, 2005)
NewWage and Labour Regulation in Vietnam Within the Poverty Reduction Agenda Paper by Caroline Brassard, National University of Singapore (2004; PDF format)
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Family Issues
Advancing Women's Leadership in Vietnam Highlights of Asia Foundation Program (June 2001; PDF format)
Age at First Marriage in Vietnam: Patterns & Determinants Paper by Nguyen Huu Minh (1996)
Family & Household Structure in Vietnam: Some Glimpses from a Recent Survey Paper by Charles Hirschman & Vu Manh Loi (June 1994)
Female-Headed Households in Vietnam Paper by Vu Manh Loi (1996)
Population and Family Planning Laws, Policies and Regulations: Vietnam Compendium of relevant documents
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