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East & Southeast Asia: An Annotated Directory of Internet Resources
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Vietnam: Business & Economy
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The Asia Foundation: Vietnam Overview; Asia Foundation projects; news & events; links; publications
Asian Development Bank (ADB): Socialist Republic of Viet Nam Viet Nam and ADB; country reports; news releases; related topics
Is the Emerging Nonfarm Market Economy the Route out of Poverty in Vietnam? World Bank Policy Research Working Paper by Dominique van de Walle & Dorothyjean Cratty (Jan. 2003; PDF format)
The State of Vietnam's Economy An Asia Society special report (April 21, 2003): analysis & commentary; news; background information; links
Stitching at the Boundaries: Vietnamese Garment Industry Workers in Transnational Spaces Mandy Thomas's paper in Intersections (Issue 5, May, 2001)
Viet Nam - Delivering on its Promise - Development Report 2003 A World Bank Economic Report
Viet Nam Interactive Internet Forum Offered by United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) "for discussion of current development issues in Viet Nam and the region"
Viet Nam Living Standards Survey (VNLSS), 1992-93 A survey conducted by the Poverty & Human Resources Division of the World Bank, updated Aug. 1998
Vietnam 2010: Entering the 21st Century
  Part I: Pillars of Development
  Part II: Partnerships for Development
Joint report of World Bank, Asian Development Bank & UNDP (Jan. 2001)
Vietnam & the IMF IMF documents & reports
Vietnam Country Analysis Brief A brief compiled by the Energy Information Administration, with emphasis on energy resources, production & consumption (Nov. 2001)
Vietnam Development Information Center "a partnership initiative of the World Bank and official development assistance agencies active in Vietnam": comprehensive poverty reduction & growth strategy
Vietnam Economic Brief 2003 From World Bank's East Asia Update: Looking Beyond Short-Term Shocks (Apr. 2003; PDF format)
Vietnam, the Asian Financial Crisis & Doi Moi 2 Carlyle A. Thayer's essay in Harvard Asia Quarterly (Winter 2000)
Vietnam: 2001 Article IV Consultation and First Review Under the Poverty Reduction and Growth Facility and Request for Waiver and Modification of Performance Criteria--Staff Report An International Monetary Fund Country Report (Jan. 2002)
Vietnam: Second Review Under the Three-Year Arrangement Under the Poverty Reduction and Growth Facility and Request for Waiver of Performance Criteria--Staff Report An International Monetary Fund Country Report (July 2002)
Vietnam: Selected Issues and Statistical Appendix An International Monetary Fund Country Report (Jan. 2002)
Vietnam - Ready for Doi Moi II? Stockholm School of Economics working paper by Ari Kokko on the prospects of the Vietnamese economy
Vietnam's Economy: The Good Pupil Economist report with related links (May 6, 2004)
Vietnam's Entrepeneurs and Global Competition Highlights of Asia Foundation program (June 2001; PDF format)
Vietnamese Agriculture in 2001 Report by the Ministry of Agriculture & Rural Development
Vietnamese Economics Network Network open to anyone with serious interest in the economics of Vietnam; recent publications; professional announcements
World Bank Vietnam Information on "strategies, projects and activities that form the cornerstone" of the work of the World Bank in Vietnam
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