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East & Southeast Asia: An Annotated Directory of Internet Resources
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North Korea: General Information
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Amidst Snows & Lies: A Journey into North Korea 1994 David Franken's travel diary with pictures
Content-Rich North Korea Links on North Korea-related topics including Human Rights & WMD & propaganda; information & commentary provided by several "individuals -- in government careers, academia, the military, and other professional pursuits -- with considerable experience in the region"
CIA - The World Factbook: Korea, North Introduction; geography; people; government; economy; communications; transportation; military; transnational issues
Content-Rich DPRK - North Korea Compiled by Tim Beal (Victoria University of Wellington): Food supply & aid; peninsular relations; foreign relations; economic & business developments; academic papers & commentaries; miscellaneous articles; links & seminars; Pyongyang Report (online newsletter)
Content-Rich DPRK Briefing Book The Nautilus Institute's work-in-progress that "will cover approximately two-dozen "Policy Areas," each containing issue briefs, critical analyses from diverse perspectives, and key reference materials"
Content-Rich Democratic People's Republic of Korea Korea WebWeekly's extensive list of resources on North Korea, including information on Kim Jong Il & Kim Il Sung, articles by Kim Myong Cho, the 'unofficial spokesman" of North Korea, current issues, & military affairs
NewDemocratic People's Republic of Korea: Country Brief From Australia's Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade: overview; relations with Australia; DPRK government & economy; more information (Aug. 2005)
NewFrom Ming to Kim Andrew Arnold on Guy Delisle's Pyongyang: a Journey in North Korea, a French-Canadian animator's graphical memoir of his 2 months there in 2001 (Time, Sept. 23, 2005)

NewGlimpses of a Hermit Nation
Part 1
Part 2: Trading Ideals for Sustenance

Portrait of Chongjin, North Korea's third-largest city, based on interviews & surreptitiously shot video, by Barbara Demick, with videos, photos & graphics (Los Angeles Times, July 3-4, 2005)
In North Korea Jon Cannon on the view of North Korea from the Chinese border city of Dandong & a journey to Pyongyang (London Review of Books, Aug. 10, 2000)
Koryo Tours Commercial site of company handling independent travel and group tours to North Korea: photo galleries; tour tips; DPRK profile; links
Letter from Pyongyang An essay on the history & current conditions of North Korea, by an anonymous specialist in nuclear affairs (Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, July/August 2002)
Library of Congress Country Studies: North Korea One of the Area Handbook Series
Life after Tyranny: Happy Birthday, North Korea Simon Bone's travelogue with pictures: Mount Myohyang; Pyongyang; Panmunjom (Sept. 1998)
Lonely Planet World Guide: North Korea Facts for the traveler & other useful information
NewNorth Korea 1:200,000 Soviet Topographic Maps Online topographic maps held by UC Berkeley Library
Content-Rich North Korea: Selected Internet Resources Library of Congress's Portals to the World: general resources; business, commerce, economy; geography; government, politics, law; recreation & travel; media & communications; science & technology; search engines
North Korea - Suspicious Minds Frontline World documentary on 2 reporters' journey to North Korea: interviews; short history of U.S.-North Korean relations; facts & stats; links & resources; map
North Korea: March 1995 -- "Please Bow to the Great Leader" Paul Bakker's travelogue with photos
North Korea Review From Jamestown Foundation: expert commentary on the crisis, insiders' views on the Pyongyang regime, the multilateral talks & North Korean drug trafficking, & a Russian general on Kim Jong Il (Mar. 1, 2004)
Content-Rich North Korea Zone Weblog "for discussion & information exchange about North Korea," with entries indexed by categories, newsfeeds, & links to news sources, blogs & other resources
North Korean Studies Maintained by Leonid A. Petrov (The Academy of Korean Studies) "free publication & dissemination of analytical materials on North Korea (DPRK), its relations with Russia & Australia, research on history & historiography, & the problems of Soviet Koreans"
Content-Rich North Korea WWW Virtual Library Part of the World Wide Web Virtual Library & edited by M.Y.Han: topically organized
Official Page of the Democratic Republic of Korea (in English, Chinese, Spanish, Norwegian, Esperanto, & Polish) "Created by the Korean Friendship Association with the support & official recognition from the government authorities of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea": tourism; geography; history; politics; society; unification; e-library Kim Il-sung
Content-Rich Pan-Pacific Economic Development Association of Korean Nationals: DPRKorea Infobank (in Korean, English, Chinese & Japanese) A official North Korean site: news; leader Kim Jong-il's main activities; export show hall; folk tradition in Korea; folk tales; information organized by various political, economic & cultural categories
Pyongyang Square - information on North Korea "your gateway to the latest news & background on North Korea (DPRK)": special features; recent headlines; DPRK economic projects
A Visit to North Korea Suki Kim's account of a Korean American's 2002 visit (The New York Review of Books, Feb. 13, 2003)
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