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East & Southeast Asia: An Annotated Directory of Internet Resources
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General Information News Media Government Offices
Political & Social Issues Foreign Relations Business & Economy
History & Culture   The Indochina Conflict
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General Information
CIA - The World Factbook: Laos Introduction; geography; people; government; economy; communications; transportation; military; transnational issues
Discovering Laos From the Lao Embassy: General background, interesting sites, & picture gallery
Embassy of the Lao People's Democratic Republic, Washington DC Discovering Laos; news & general information; latest information; government officials
Content-Rich Laos WWW VL Part of the Asian Studies WWW Virtual Library: categorized directory of information about Laos & the Lao people around the world
Library of Congress Country Studies: Laos One of the Area Handbook Series
WWW Hmong Homepage A "collection of resources relating to Hmong history, culture, language, & current events"
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News Media
Vientiane Times U.S.-based dissident news site publishing news from Laos; also extensive list of links
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Government Offices
Governments on the WWW: Laos

Gunnar Anzinger's compilation of national institutions, representations in foreign countries, & additional information
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Political & Social Issues
Amnesty International Report: Laos
2005; 20042003200220012000
Annual report on human rights conditions
Country Reports on Human Rights Practices: Laos
2003; 2002; 2001; 2000; 19991998
Report by the Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor of the U.S. Department of State
Genocide in Cambodia & Laos A statement from the Lao Human Rights Council (July 1, 1997)
Internet under Surveillance 2004: Laos From Reporters sans frontires's 2004 report on "Obstacles to the free flow of information online"
The Jhai Foundation Engaged in "the reconciliation process of development" in Laos: coffee, education, and information technology projects
Lao Human Rights Council Background information & documentation of human rights violations against the Hmong & Lao peoples
Law of the Republic of Indonesia Concerning Population Development and the Development of Happy and Prosperous Families 1992 law pertaining to family planning & population policy
Resolution of the Lao PDR Government on National Population and Development Policy Adopted 1999
Social Watch Country Report: Lao PDR Compiled by an international network checking on the fulfillment of internationally agreed commitments on poverty eradication & equality: present situation; progress & regression; signatures & ratifications
State of the Environment Report 2001: Lao People's Democratic Republic Report on biophysical & socioeconomic conditions in Laos, following UNEP Environment Assessement Programme for Asia Pacific guidelines & prepared in consultation with senior Lao government officials (PDF format)
World Legal Information Institute: Lao PDR Laws & legal information, organized into numerous categories
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Foreign Relations
U.S. Embassy, Vientiane, Laos Recent embassy activities; news & events; travel advisories; current issues, including normal trade relations, human rights, etc.
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Business & Economy
Asian Development Bank (ADB): Lao People's Democratic Republic LAO PDR and ADB; country reports; news releases; related topics
Lao People's Democratic Republic - Nam Theun 2 Hydroelectric Project Update A prospective World Bank project with "potential for helping Lao PDR obtain revenues to reduce poverty and improve environmental protection"
Lao People's Democratic Republic: 2001 Article IV Consultation and Request for a Three-Year Arrangement Under the Poverty Reduction and Growth Facility--Staff Report An International Monetary Fund Country Report (March 2002)
Lao People's Democratic Republic: 2002 Article IV Consultation & Second Review An International Monetary Fund Country Report (Oct. 2002)
Lao People's Democratic Republic: First Review Under the Poverty Reduction and Growth Facility, and Request for Waiver of Performance Criteria--Staff Report An International Monetary Fund Country Report (March 2002)
Lao People's Democratic Republic: Recent Economic Developments An International Monetary Fund Country Report (Jan. 2000)
Lao People's Democratic Republic: Selected Issues & Statistical Appendix An International Monetary Fund Country Report (Sept. 2002)
Lao People's Democratic Republic: Selected Issues and Statistical Appendix An International Monetary Fund Country Report (March 2002)
Lao People's Democratic Republic & the IMF IMF documents & reports
World Bank's Laos Decision Damning - For Some Alan Boyd on the economic & environmental implications of the World Bank's approval of Laos' Nam Theun 2 Dam (Asia Times, Apr. 8, 2005)
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History & Culture
Content-Rich Hmong Bibliographies by Subject An extensive set of bibliographies on Hmong culture & history compiled by Mark E. Pfeifer
Hmong Studies Journal "an Internet-based publication devoted to the scholarly discussion of Hmong history, Hmong culture, Hmong people, & other facets of the Hmong experience in the U.S., Asia & around the world"
Hmong Textiles From the collections of UC Irvine Libraries
National University of Laos Information on the institution & its cooperative programs with international organizations
Saturn Hmong Home Page "Talking" Hmong/English & English/Hmong dictionaries; Hmong names & pronunciations; religion & culture; pictures; links
Vientiane: One of Asia's Hidden Treasures A State Magazine Online Post of the Month (Jan. 1999), along with an article on the USIS Vientiane
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The Indochina Conflict
Recollections of a Case Officer in Laos, 1962-1964 By Richard L. Holm, CIA case officer (Studies in Intelligence, Vol. 47, No. 1, 2003)
The War in Laos:The Fall of Lima Site 85 A Hmong guerrilla army base & American Tactical Air Navigation (TACAN) station in the war against the Pathet Lao (Studies in Intelligence, 1995)
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