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East & Southeast Asia: An Annotated Directory of Internet Resources
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Japan: General Information
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Directories & Search Engines General Information & Reference Local & Regional Information
  Travel Information  
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Directories & Search Engines
Fresheye (in Japanese) Toshiba's search engine for Japanese news sites
Gateway Japan - Creating Culture and Community Databases with search tool, resources & links, Yomiuri Report from Japan, Capital Trends, etc.
NewInfoseek A Japanese language portal
Content-Rich J-Guide: Stanford Guide to Japan Information Resources Science & technology; computer & Internet; language & culture; law & regulation; study about Japan; art & entertainment; business, economics & finance; politics & government; education; life & travel; employment & internships; history & geography
Japan : A Web Guide Online version of Japan: A Pocket Guide, topically organized
Japan Information Links to cultural, political & economic information; maps; sights & sounds
Content-Rich Japan Information Network "group of Websites introducing the society, culture, & other aspects of Japan", sponsored by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs: opinions of the Japanese people; Web Japan (Gateway for All Japanese Information
Japanese Online Resources Compilation of on-campus & off-site resources by Harvard-Yenching Library
Japan Studies Resources An annotated directory compiled by Mike Madin
Japanese Search Engines A listing by LawResearch
Content-Rich Japanese Studies Resources Kristina K. Troost's comprehensive guide to resources on the Internet & at Duke University: Encyclopedias; general bibliographies & guides to reference tools; bibliographies by subject; language dictionaries; people & organizations; serial indexes, etc.
Japanorama "Japan Index to the World Wide Web & Everything Japanese": Digital Destinations' list of links for categories from business to travel
SearchDesk (in Japanese) Listing of search engines in Japan & the world
Technorati Japan (in Japanese) Search engine tracking the Japanese-language blogosphere
Content-Rich Web Japan: Japan Links "a comprehensive list of over 3,500 websites providing information on Japan ... conveniently categorized by such items as government and politics, society, business and economy, mass media, and culture"
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General Information & Reference
All About Japan (in Japanese)'s Japan site: "Resources ... gathered & produced by the local Japanese Guides"
NewCIA - The World Factbook 2005: Japan Introduction; geography; people; government; economy; communications; transportation; military; transnational issues
The Japan FAQ: Know Before You Go Robert Murphey's "The Complete Guide to Working, Visiting, & Living in Japan"
Japan Zone "Japan Travel Guide, Japanese Popular Culture, History & Japanese Etiquette"
Japanese Lifestyle Information on travel in Japan, & Japanese culture & society; photo gallery
Japanese Manners & Etiquette Do's & don'ts in eating & everyday living
Japan Reference Page "Your Links to Japan, Japanese Culture & Language"
Library of Congress Country Studies: Japan One of the Area Handbook Series
A Look into Japan (in English & French) An illustrated guide to the districts of Tokyo & Kyoto, Mount Fuji, & aspects of Japanese culture
News & Photos of Japan "articles, photographs and personalized assignments by a long term journalist and photographer in Japan"
Content-Rich Web Japan

(in English, Chinese, Korean & other languages) "Gateway for All Japanese Information" sponsored by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs: visiting Japan; Tokyo past & present; Nipponia; trends in Japan; Japan fact sheet; atlas; virtual museum of traditional arts; statistics; regions & cities; Kids Web Japan; government-related links, etc.

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Local & Regional Information
Multilingual Guide to the Pilgrimage Island of Japan Online edition of "published Japanese-English guidebook to the island of Shikoku, emphasizing its culture and history," by Akiko Takemoto & Steve McCarty
Rekishi-Kaido (A Bridge to Japanese History & Culture) Kansai Institute of Information Systems' project providing "a facility to access a wide variety of historic cultural resources in & around the Kansai region"
Content-Rich Web Japan: Regions & Cities Information about the regions & cities of Japan, searchable by name of prefecture or region or through clickable map
Roger & Marilyn's Photo Tour of Tokyo "more than 200 photographs, maps, images, sounds & personal observations"
Kyoto Media Station (in Japanese) Kyoto Industrial Information Center's list of information sources on various aspects of Kyoto
"The Deep" in Osaka (in Japanese) Pages on Osaka's dialect, fuzoku, music, & entertainment
Nagasaki Regional Information Information on various aspects of Nagasaki, & a virtual tour; links to cities & towns in Nagasaki Prefecture
Nagoya Neko E-Zine Short articles on Japanese culture by Nekochan, & links to resources on Nagoya
Japan Update Okinawa weekly with community & local news & other features
Okinawa: A Great Place to Live A special feature from Nipponia (March, 2000)
Okinawa Prefecture's Home Page Information on the politics & culture of Okinawa, & on problems of the U.S. military base
Welcome to Okinawa Web page of Okinawan maintaining that Okinawa is not part of Japan, & offering information & opinions on Okinawa-related topics
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Travel Information
Japan Atlas: Festivals An illustrated guide to traditional festivals with clickable map
Japan Atlas: Historical Sites Illustrated essays on notable historic sites with clickable map
Japan Atlas: Nature An illustrated guide to the scenic beauty of Japan with clickable map
Japan for Visitors An guide with netlinks & articles on travel in Japan & Japanese culture
Japan National Tourist Organization (in English, Chinese, Korean, French & German) Guide to Japan; getting around; places to stay; eating out; things to do; regional travel plans & tourist guides
Japan Travel and Living Guide "comprehensive, up to date information on traveling and living in Japan, first-hand from Japan," with photo gallery
Japan Travel Updates From the Japan National Tourist Organization: "All about Japan, the Japanese, travel, Tokyo, Kyoto, holidays, hotels & much more"
Japan Weather Weather information by city
Planet Tokyo: A Traveler's Guide to Japan What to see & do, where to eat & sleep, traveler's tales, resources
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