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East & Southeast Asia: An Annotated Directory of Internet Resources
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Japan: Government Offices
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Content-Rich Bank of Japan Public statements, reports & statistics, & downloadable data & materials from Japan's central bank
Board of Audit History, organization, power & duties, audit activities & findings
Cabinet Office Established in 2001 to assist "the overall strategic functions of the Cabinet Secretariat ... [&] engaged in administrative work deemed suitable for management by the Prime Minister "
The House of Councillors Information on the Diet, the Diet Building & its vicinity, organizations & laws of the House of Councillors
House of Representives Guide to the House; officers; strength of political groups; list of members
The Imperial Family of Japan Biographical information, family trees, texts of the 1889 & 1947 constitutions, Imperial Household laws, glossary & bibliography
Content-Rich Japan Bank for International Cooperation Formerly the Export-Import Bank of Japan, with purpose "to contribute to the sound development of Japan and the international economy and community through undertaking lending and other financial operations"
Japanese Imperial Administration (in Japanese) Official site of the administrative office of the imperial family
Content-Rich Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry & Fisheries (MAFF) MAFF's role & organization, weekly news updates, environmental externalities of paddy fields, statistics, etc.
Content-Rich Ministry of Economy, Trade & Industry (METI) METI policies; external economic policy; trade information; foreign direct investment into Japan; environment; evaluation of technology; statistics; white papers/reports, etc.
Content-Rich Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science & Technology (MEXT) Press release, organization, white paper, & statistics
Content-Rich Ministry of Finance Statements & reports, news, statistics
Content-Rich Ministry of Health, Labour & Welfare Organization, White Paper, social security security policies, statistics & other data, links
Content-Rich Ministry of Justice Historical background; organization; Public Prosecutors Office; major external organs; major annual events
Content-Rich Ministry of Land, Infrastructure & Transport Information; statistics; press releases; white paper
Content-Rich Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications Personnel & pension; administrative evaluation & administrative counseling; local finance; information/communications; statistics; local administration; local tax system; postal services
Content-Rich National Police Agency News, reports, & policies
Content-Rich Prime Minister of Japan and His Cabinet Profiles & news of & speeches & statements by the Prime Minister; announcements by Chief Cabinet Secretary; list of cabinet members; policy initiatives; constitution & government of Japan; list of previous cabinets & prime ministers
Content-Rich The Public Information of Japanese Government (in Japanese) Government gazette, & publications & information on a variety of topics
Content-Rich Supreme Court of Japan Overview of the judicial system; virtual tour of the Supreme Court; guide to court procedures; prominent judgments
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