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East & Southeast Asia: An Annotated Directory of Internet Resources
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Japanese Art & Architecture
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Fine Arts Calligraphy Architecture
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Fine Arts
Content-Rich Arts of Asia: Japan From the Minneapolis Institute of Arts collection: Japanese Buddhism; scrolls & screens; pictures of the floating world; the museum's authentic tea house & audience hall; browseable & searchable database; suggested readings
AssemblyLanguage - Tokyo Avant-Garde Culture and Japanese Contemporary Art Images of works by individual artists; Tokyo art today; exhibition reviews; essays; Japanese contemporary art books; links
The Bitter End: Art of the Edo Period A short account of Katsushika Hokusai, with images of some of his 36 views of Mount Fuji
Chronology of Japan's Fine Arts A brief history with links
Chushingura A selection of prints by various artists illustrating the eleven acts of the play, with brief summaries of each act
Edo: Art in Japan 1615-1868 A National Gallery of Art Teaching Program, "developed in conjunction with the exhibition Edo: Art in Japan 1615-1868, [& providing] an overview of art & culture in the city of Edo"
Content-Rich The Floating World of Ukiyo-E: Shadows, Dreams, & Substance Library of Congress's online exhibition of its holdings "of Japanese prints, books, & drawings from the 17th to the 19th centuries," "complemented by related works from the Library's collections created by Japanese & Westerns artists into the 20th century"
The Influence of Japanese Art On Western Culture Poul Genefke Thye's essay on ukiyo-e & western art, with links to online galleries
The Japan Ukiyo-e Museum Guide Introduction to the wood-block prints of everyday life in Edo Japan, with images of some famous prints
Japanese Art & the Japanese View of Nature An essay by art historian Isamu Kurita
Japanese Art Dealers Association of New York "a not-for-profit group whose members include leading New York galleries and private dealers ... ": members; calendar of msueum exhibitions of notable Japanese art; lists of books, articles, magazines, & museums
Japanese Fine Prints, Pre-1915 Catalog of Library of Congress's collection of "woodblock prints and drawings, dating from the seventeenth to the twentieth centuries, by such artists as Hiroshige, Kuniyoshi, Sadahide, and Yoshiiku," with selected bibliography
Japanese Woodcuts From Connecticut College's Black's Print Collection: Hiroshige's shoal of fishes & Tokaido series; woodcuts by various masters
Japonisme & Japonism A bibliography
Jim Breen's Ukiyo-E Gallery An extensive library of images, with comments & list of related links
Kodomo no kuni: Artists & Children's Books in 1920s Japan (in Japanese & English) Exhibition of illustrations published in the Kodomo no kuni picture book magazine; children's songs; artists; the children depicted
Kunisada & Kabuki Fitzwilliam Museum's online exhibition of Kunisadas woodblock prints of Kabuki actors
Nekochan's Graphics Source of Japanese images & icons
A Reader's Guide to the Arts of Japan Asia Society's annotated guide to English-language works on Japanese art: general works; surveys by medium; studies by period
Screens & Scrolls: Japanese Painting from the Ackland Museum of Art Virtual tour of exhibition offering the full range of "the thematic scope & stylistic diversity of the Japanese painting tradition"
Tale of Genji Scroll 18th century hand scroll depicting the first 16 chapters, images with original Japanese inscription & modern Japanese translation
Ukiyo-e: The Pictures of the Floating World Hans Olof Johansson's introduction with gallery, Q & A, catalog of prints on the Net, & guide to other sites
Viewing Japanese Prints John Fiorillo's text about & images of "17th-19th century 'Ukiyo-e' ("Pictures of the Floating World"), 20th century 'Shin hanga' ("New prints") & ''Ssaku hanga' ("Creative prints"), & 'Kindai hanga' (modern or contemporary prints)"
WebMuseum: Japanese Art & Architecture A historical survey by period
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Japanese Calligraphy Introductory essay with examples & links from Schauwecker's Guide to Japan
Connected Globe Japanese Calligraphy Site Introduction by Graham Hawker, & calligraphy by Mukon Ohmori
Shodo's Room Samples of calligraphy by Mayumi Kitazawa, with demonstration movies in QuickTime format
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Beyond the Swing Set A New York Times Magazine slide show on Japan's innovations in children's playgrounds (Nov. 24, 2004)
Buildings & Cities in Japanese History: The Golden Century, 1562-1657 Syllabus & undergraduate student projects for a course taught by Henry Smith at Columbia University
Castles of Japan Information, images, & links, with alphabetic & geographic indices & bibliography
Castles of Japan: A Western Perspective Castles & ruins; maps & territories; warlords & samurai; western influence
Guide to Japanese Castles Eric Obershaw's illustrated essays on the history, structure & defenses of Japanese castles, with a clickable map, guide to individual castles, & list of links
Japan Atlas: Architecture Illustrated essays on notable sites of contemporary & traditional architecture
Japanese Architecture in Kansai A collection of illustrated essays on the beauty of architecture in the Kansai region: castles, tea rooms, & the modern minka (farm house)
Japanese Buildings & Cities: The Golden Century, 1562-1657 Created by undergraduates in Henry Smith's 1998 course at Columbia University: inter-linked projects divided into the categories "History," "Types," "Cities," "Sites," and "Concepts"
Japanese Garden Database "a repository of information on the historical gardens of Japan": gardens, plant materials, reference materials
The Japanese House: Harmonious Space & the Archetype of Polar Space "The traditional Japanese dwelling & the Western concept of 'general human needs' - a comparative view in the framework of cultural anthropology," by Nold Egenter
Japanese Rock Gardens A bibliography of sources
Japanese Tradition A series on Japan's ancient architecture & traditional crafts
Kisho Kurokawa Home Page Images & descriptions of works & projects of Japanese architect around the world; essay "Philosophy of Symbiosis"
The Leo Masuda Architectonic Office Descriptions & images of Japanese architecture in Kyoto, Nara, Shiga, & Hyogo
The Shiga Project - The Japanese Garden Essays by students at the Japan Center for Michigan Universities in Hikone, Fall 1996
Tadao Ando Life & works of the 1995 winner of the Pritzker Architecture Prize
World Heritage Shirakawa-go UNESCO World Heritag site recognized for the preservation of gassho-zukuri houses built of wooden beams
Content-Rich Zen Gardens Bowdoin College's site on Japanese gardens, particularly the historic gardens of Kyoto and its environs: virtual tour & history of over 20 gardens; early gardens; basic elements of gardens; bibliography; glossary; links
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Japanese Museum Information (Internet Museum) URL search tool for Japanese museums, & WWW Virtual Library for "Museums in Japan"
Kyoto National Museum (in Japanese & English) Exhibits & collections, with online examples of masterworks; Museum Bulletin; Museum Dictionary for Kids
Kyoto National Museum Dictionary (in Japanese & English) Stories about architecture & items from the museum's collection of archaeological objects, ceramics, sculpture, paintings, calligraphy, textiles, lacquerware, & metalware
Museum Meiji-Mura Pictures with captions from the "open-air museum for preserving & exhibiting Japanese architecture of the Meiji period"
Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo A guide to its collection & exhibitions
The National Museum of Art, Osaka General information; exhibitions
The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo Japan's first national art museum, "devoted to the collection and preservation of art works and related reference materials of the 20th century in Japan and other parts of the world"
The Tokugawa Art Museum Images of art objects in various exhibition halls, with short commentaries on aspects of Tokugawa culture
Content-Rich The Virtual Museum of Japanese Arts A comprehensive guide by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs: fine arts; crafts; performing arts; pastime arts; martial arts; others; virtual museum theatre with movies of Japanese festivals & martial arts
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