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East & Southeast Asia: An Annotated Directory of Internet Resources
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East & Southeast Asia: Academic Publications
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Asia Examined: Proceedings of the 15th Biennial Conference of the ASAA, 2004, Canberra, Australia Peer-reviewed papers edited by Robert Cribb, The Australian National University
Asia Insights Quarterly published by the Nordic Institute of Asian Studies
Asia Pacific: Perspectives Peer-reviewed electronic journal published by USF Center for the Pacific Rim: "submissions from all fields of the social sciences and the humanities with relevance to the Asia Pacific region" welcome
Asia Pacific Press Online Working Papers Papers grouped by region, subject, or research program (National Centre for Development Studies, Australian National University)
NewAsian Anthropology TOC of refereed journal based in Hong Kong
Asian Currents The Asian Studies Association of Australia's e-bulletin, "aim[ing] to connect Australia's academic experts on Asia with journalists, policy makers, business people, artists and other educators"
Asian Studies Journals Index compiled by UCLA Center for East Asian Studies
Asian-Pacific Law & Policy Journal (APLPJ) "the first fully functional web-based legal journal to provide a worldwide forum for the presentation & discussion of legal, policy-based, & socio-economic issues that arise in or impact" the Asia-Pacific region
AsianDoc Electronic Newsletter An e-newsletter for "text & image databases in the various fields of Asian/EurAsian Studies": databases, conference meetings, technical corner, reviews, interest groups
The Asianists' Asia "An academic journal devoted to researched articles in the humanities & social sciences, & learned essays & relevant fiction or faction, including translations, which might not easily fit into, or find a place in, the existing Asian studies publications"
The British Columbia Asian Review "a refereed journal produced by graduate students in the Department of Asian Studies at the University of British Columbia"
Bulletin of the Asia Institute Contents of scholarly journal presenting "Studies in the art, archaeology, numismatics, history & languages of ancient Iran, Mesopotamia, & Central Asia & connections with China & Japan along the Silk Route"
Bulletin of the School of Oriental & African Studies "studies of the languages, cultures & civilisations of [the Near & Middle East, Asia & Africa] from ancient times to the present": TOC & abstracts
The Cornell East Asia Series (CEAS) "scholarly monographs, translations of literature & major works of literary criticism or social analysis, specialized textbooks, & well-integrated volumes of articles on important subjects dealing with the cultures of China (both the PRC & Taiwan), Japan, Korea (both north & south) & Vietnam"
Critical Asian Studies Articles & back issue indexes from a leading radical academic journal on Asia (formerly titled Bulletin of Concerned Asian Scholars)
Crossroads: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Southeast Asian Studies Abstracts of articles from journal published by Center for Southeast Asian Studies, Northern Illinois University
East Asia International Forum A cyber-journal for the discussion of "issues on the peoples & cultures of East Asia
East - Online Journal of the Austrian Association of East Asian Studies "to analyze current political, social & economic trends in China, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, & Mongolia, & to inform the public about research projects, publications etc. of its members"
Education About Asia Journal published by the Association for Asian Studies focusing on classroom teaching: TOC, author guidelines, resource links, & Asian factoids
Electronic Journal Miner "a series of indexes (e.g. title & Library of Congress Subject Heading) to provide easy access to different electronic serials"
European Journal of East Asian Studies TOC of journal "Published in Europe by European specialists ... covers the whole of the broader East Asian region, including Southeast as well as Northeast Asia"
Genamics JournalSeek "the largest database of freely available journal information available on the internet," containing more than 8500 titles, browseable by subject, & searchable by keyword
Harvard Asia Pacific Review "new semi-annual academic journal devoted to issues pertinent to the Asia Pacific", with selected articles from current & past issues
Harvard Asia Quarterly A graduate student publication affiliated with the Harvard Asia Center, with some articles available online
Heritage Foundation Research: Asia and the Pacific A list of recent studies
Historiography East and West "A Multi-Lingual On-line Journal For Studies In Comparative Historiography And Historical Thinking"
The History Journals Guide Part of the WWW Virtual Library: "an international directory for journals & discussion lists in the fields of history & archaeology" maintained by Stefan Blaschke
Inner Asia An "international journal seeking to strengthen understanding of the history, politics, economies & cultures of Inner Asia," "the region of the great steppes, centred on Mongolia"
International Journal of Asian Studies (IJAS) "an international and interdisciplinary English-language periodical publishing research on Asia, primarily in the social sciences and humanities," "Published by Cambridge University Press in association with the Institute of Oriental Culture, University of Tokyo"
International Journal of Central Asian Studies "an international periodical for languages, literature, history, culture, society & archaeology of the Central Asia which comprises of the Altaic World & its vicinity"
Intersections: Gender, History & Culture in the Asian Context Refereed electronic journal from Murdoch University's School of Asian Studies, "conceived as an interactive forum for new research & teaching in the area of Gender Studies in the Asian region"
John F. Kennedy School of Government Faculty Research Working Paper Series Searchable database of downloadable papers on a variety of topics
Journal of Pacific Asia (NPA) (in Japanese & English) "a scholarly journal produced by the Committee for Research on Pacific Asia based at Rikkyo University ... & contain[ing] articles on politics, economics, international relations, society, culture and modern history"
Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society "articles on history, archaeology, literature, language, religion & art" of "the Indian Subcontinent, the Middle East, Central Asia, the Far East & South-East Asia": TOC & abstracts
NewKnowing Asia: The Challenge for New Zealand's Tertiary Education Sector New Zealand Asian Studies Society's "report that analyses the Asian Studies data collected from nine of New Zealand's tertiary institutions" (Sept. 2004; PDF format)
Manuscripta Orientalia "the first & only international journal entirely dedicated to issues of Oriental textology, comparative codicology & palaeography"
Modern Asian Studies Quarterly promoting "an understanding of contemporary Asia & its rich inheritance": TOC & abstracts
Modern East Asia TOC of "a refereed occasional papers/reprint series ... published by the Austrian Association of East Asian Studies"
Monumenta Altaica (in Russian & English) Manuscripts, online dictionaries, & grammars of ancient & modern languages of the Altaic family, including Mongolian, Korean, Japanese & Manchu-Tungus; articles; bibliography
NCDS Publications Downloadable publications of the Australian National University's National Center for Development Studies
Orbis Foreign Policy Research Institute's quarterly journal of world affairs: TOC & sample articles
Pacific Affairs TOCs of "an international review of Asia & the Pacific"; abstracts of articles
Register of Asian Studies E-Journals Alphabetical listing edited & updated monthly by Tobias Grote-Beverborg; part of the Asian Studies WWW Virtual Library
Research School of Pacific and Asian Studies: Economics Publications Contents of Bulletin of Indonesian Economic Studies (BIES); full texts of publications of Australia South Asia Research Centre & Centre for Applied Macroeconomic Analysis; Working Papers in Trade and Development
RSPAS Print News Electronic journal providing "online summaries & announcements of the latest print &/or electronic research publications ... by members of and visitors to the Research School of Pacific Studies & Asian Studies, The Australian National University"
Road to East Asia "A journal on contemporary East Asian literature in English" hosted at York University
Sino-Japanese Studies Table of contents of Sino-Japanese Studies, subscription information, Sino-Japanese Listserve, information on Chinese/Japanese computing, & links
United Nations Chronicle Online Edition Selected articles from U.N.'s quarterly journal
U.S.-Japan Women's Journal Table of contents of "A Journal for the International Exchange of Gender Studies"
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