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East & Southeast Asia: An Annotated Directory of Internet Resources
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China: Human Rights & the Democracy Movement
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Democracy & Human Rights The Democracy Movement Religious Freedom
Workers Labor Camps Censorship
  Crackdown on Falun Gong  
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Democracy & Human Rights
Amnesty International: China Anniversaries, appeal cases, resources, reports, gallery
Amnesty International Report: China
2005; 2004; 2003; 2001; 2000
National summary of the human rights situation
NewBuilding of Political Democracy in China: Chinese; English Chinese government white paper (Oct. 2005)
China: Human Rights Defenders at Risk Amnesty International's report on the detention of human rights activists in China (Dec. 2004)
NewChina Looks to Democracy to Cure Its Ills Fong Tak-ho's commentary on Premier Wen Jiabo's pledge to introduce direct elections at the township level within a couple of years (Asia Times, Sept. 20, 2005)
China Ready for Democracy in 1940s, Not Today Li YongYan's commentary on whether Chinese today are ready for democracy (Asia Times, May 11, 2004)
Content-Rich Chinese Human Rights Web Supplement to Stephen C. Angle and Marina Svensson's The Chinese Human Rights Reader: Documents and Commentary, 1900-2000, & general resources on human rights issues: topical areas & news; bibliography; UN & governmental documents & links; materials & links for activist organizations; academic study
The Chinese Embassy: Human Rights Issues The Chinese government's official position & views
Content-Rich Congressional-Executive Commission on China "created by [U.S.] Congress ... with the legislative mandate to monitor human rights & the development of the rule of law in China": hearings & round tables; publications; press releases; virtual academy; PRC e-government directory; CECC Political Prisoner Database; selected PRC legal provisions, etc.
NewCongressional-Executive Commission on China: Annual Reports: 2005; 2004; 2003; 2002 Executive summary, list of recommendations, & full report
Country Reports on Human Rights Practices: China
2003; 20022001; 2000; 19991998
Reports by the Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor of the U.S. Department of State
NewDemocracy with Chinese Characteristics Francesco Sisci's commentary on the 2005 Chinese government white paper describing China's "socialist democracy" (Asia Times, Nov. 9, 2005)
Dui Hua Foundation "a non-profit organization dedicated to improving human rights by means of a well-informed dialogue conducted between the United States and China"
Fifty Years of Progress in China's Human Rights White paper released by the Information Office of the State Council (June 2000)
Human Rights-China A Chinese NGO reflecting the official views on human rights: government documents, breaking news, & perspectives on human rights in China & the world
Human Rights & Confucian Virtues Joseph Chan's essay in Harvard Asia Quarterly (Summer 2000)
Human Rights in China A Brookings Institution policy brief (June 1999) by Catharin E. Dalpino
Content-Rich Human Rights in China (HRIC) (in English & Chinese) "an international non-governmental organization founded by Chinese scientists and scholars ... to promote universally recognized human rights and advance the institutional protection of these rights in China": news; research reports; China Rights Forum, etc.
Human Rights Watch Reports & documents on human rights in China from Human Rights Watch
Human Rights Watch World Report 2002: China & Tibet Human rights developments; defending human rights; the role of the international community
NewThe Next Great Leap: China and Democracy Uncommon Knowledge program on whether "the explosion of new wealth in China [will] lead to new pressures for democratic reform," with William McGurn of the Wall Street Journal & Orville Schell, UC Berkeley (July 15, 2004)
Progress in China's Human Rights Cause in 2000 White paper released by the Information Office of the State Council (Apr. 2001)
Progress in China's Human Rights Cause in 2003 Chinese government white paper (March 2004)
Torture in China - a Growing Scourge in China: Time for Action An Amnesty International report (Feb. 12, 2001)
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The Democracy Movement
10 Questions For Xu Wenli Interview with the democracy activist (TIME Asia Magazine, Jan. 13, 2003)
15th Anniversary of June 4th Coverage by BBC Chinese (June 9, 2004)
NewAsian Heroes: Liu Binyan Perry Link's profile of the dissident writer & "China's Conscience" (Time Asia, Apr. 21, 2003)
Bao Tong's Report On The Tiananmen Crackdown Written by political reformer in Sept. 1989 while in prison
BBC Chinese: 15th Anniversary of June 4th News, commentary, reminisciences, photos & chronology
China Democracy Party (in Chinese & English) Founding statement, news coverage, related files, press releases, & discussion forum for opposition party formed by Chinese dissidents in 1998
China's Democracy Crackdown Demands a Presidential Response Heritage Foundation executive memorandum (1/99) by Stephen J. Yates
Chinese Democracy Justice Party (CDJP) (in Chinese & English) Official site of a pro-democracy party: essays & banned books
‘Comrade Jiang Zemin Does Indeed Seem a Proper Choice’ Jasper Becker's review of The Tiananmen Papers (May 2001)
Democracy Forum (in Chinese) Online forum for discussing issues related to democratization in China
Content-Rich The Gate of Heavenly Peace Companion site for Carma Hinton & Richard Gordon's documentary on the 1989 Democracy Movement, with chronology, themes, readings, etc.
June 4th 1989 Archive (in Chinese) A collection of photos, documents & accounts
June4 Global Petition Campaign for the 10th Anniversary of the Tiananmen crackdown
Meaning of 1989 Democracy Movement Reflections by student leader Wang Dan
Nipped in the Bud: Suppression of the China Democracy Party A Human Rights Watch report (September 2000)
The Political Education of a Chinese Dissident: Conversation with Wei Jingsheng Interview with the human rights activist (Institute of International Studies, UC Berkeley, Conversations with History series, 1998)
Remembering Tiananmen Square An AsiaTODAY special report (June 2, 2000) marking the 11th anniversary of the crackdown on the Democracy Movement
Secret Papers: Deng Feared Arrest Excerpts from 60 Minutes' interview of Chinese civil servant who leaked secret documents related to the 1989 crackdown on the Democracy Movement
Silicon Valley for Democracy in China "a grassroots organization dedicated to the promotion of democracy & human rights in China with peaceful means through public awareness, community actions & organizational alliances"
Support Democracy in China Volunteer community organization with mission "to promote human rights in China through peaceful means"
Tiananmen-1989 Support Democracy in China's photo essay
Tiananmen 1989: The Roots of Crisis 1st of 3 Columbia University e-seminars with Andrew Nathan (subscription required; free trial subscription for qualified institutions available)
Tiananmen Revisited A CNN In-Depth Special (June 2001): documents, articles, & multimedia features
Tiananmen Square, 1989: The Declassified History National Security Archive Electronic Briefing Book No. 16: introduction; 35 documents with comments; postcript 1999
A Travesty of Justice: The Show Trial of Wei Jingsheng News articles & reports by & about the democracy activist, interviews & press conferences, selections from his writings, & materials on Wei from Human Rights in China
The Twentieth Anniversary of the Democracy Wall Movement Reflections by Merle Goldman in Harvard Asia Quarterly (Summer 1999)
The U.S. Tiananmen Papers The National Security Archive's briefing book of 13 documents revealing "U.S. Perceptions of 1989 Chinese Political Crisis"
Wang Youcai Amnesty International site on Chinese dissident: news & chronology
Wei Jingsheng Foundation (WJSF) (in Chinese & English) "to promote the democratization of China and the improvement of human rights condition in China": Wei's essays; the labor movement; documents; reports, etc.
When Will Beijing Say Sorry? Editorial on the 15th anniversary of the Tiananmen crackdown by Wu'er Kaixi, student leader (OpinionJournal, June 5, 2004)
NewWikipedia: Tiananmen Square Protests of 1989 Account with references & external links
Witnessing Tiananmen: Unforgettable Moments Interviews of Chinese witnesses to the 1989 Tiananmen Incident by BBC's Chinese Service on the eve of its 15th anniversary
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Religious Freedom
2000 Annual Report for International Religious Freedom: China Released by the Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights, & Labor, U.S. Department of State (Sept. 5, 2000)
Amity News Service News on the protestant church in China; documentation of religious laws & regulations
China's Christian Underground Bay Fang's report in U.S. News & World Report ((4/30/01)
Committee for Investigation on Persecution of Religion in China: Chinese; English New York-based organization of Christians collecting information on religious persecution in China
Free the Fathers Organization working "to free Catholic Priests that are being held captive by the Chinese Government for practicing the Catholic religion"
Religious Belief in China News & documents provided by the Chinese embassy in Washington, D.C.
Report Analyzing Seven Secret Chinese Government Documents Freedom House's compilation of documents on suppression of non-approved religions (Feb. 11, 2002)
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China Labour Bulletin Bilingual publication aiming "to promote the establishment of independent trade unions & workers' organisations in China ... & provide information on the general condition of the Chinese working class"
NewChina’s Household Registration System: Sustained Reform Needed to Protect China’s Rural Migrants A Congressional-Executive Commission on the People's Republic of China topic paper (Oct. 7, 2005)
Declaration of the China Labor Party (Draft) Statement of Li Yongming (alias) who aims to organize & register a party to promote the interests of workers & monitor the CCP
Human Rights for Workers (HFRW): Information on China HFRW bulletins & articles by its editor
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Labor Camps
Laogai Research Foundation "non-profit organization dedicated to compiling factual information about life within ... China's vast network of forced labor camps"
Shattering Harry Wu's Western Funhouse Mirror Fan Shidong's critique of Harry Wu's book on the Laogai system
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'Bad Press' Causing Headaches for Beijing: Chinese Leadership Struggles to Control Freedom of Expression Paul Mooney on the Chinese government limiting freedom of expression (YaleGlobal, July 22, 2004)
NewInformation Control and Self-Censorship in the PRC and the Spread of SARS A Congressional-Executive Commission on the People's Republic of China topic paper on systemic restrictions on freedom of expression (May 6, 2003)
NewInformation Supplied by Yahoo! Helped Journalist Shi Tao Get 10 Years in Prison Reporters Without Borders' press release alleging that Yahoo! helped Chinese state security authorities identify a journalist sentenced to 10 years for for "divulging state secrets abroad" (Sept. 6, 2005; translation of verdict in PDF format)
Negotiating With the Global: Chinas Response to Post-WTO Foreign Media Penetration Chengju Huang on "how Chinese media policy decision makers responded to media globalization pressure in the post-WTO context" (Proceedings of the 15th Biennial Conference of the Asian Studies Association of Australia in Canberra, 2004; PDF format)
Scholars Under Siege? Academic & Media Freedom in China Special report published by the Woodrow Wilson Center's Asia Program (April 2002)
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