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East & Southeast Asia: An Annotated Directory of Internet Resources
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Historical Maps of China
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Content-Rich Antique Maps Hong Kong University of Science & Technology Library collection of "more than 230 maps, charts, pictures, books and atlases ... almost all samples of China maps produced by European cartographers from the 16th to 19th centuries": searchable & browsable by map maker & greographic region
China in Maps Full texts of lectures by Zhang Longxi & Roderick M. Barron in connection with Hong Kong University of Science & Technology Library's celebration of its special collection of maps of China (June 2002)
Content-Rich Chinese Ancient Maps (in Chinese) From the Geography Dept. of Hong Kong Baptist University, online lecture series on the history of Chinese maps & cartographers with images of ancient maps from the Warring States through the Qing Dynasty
Chinese Civil War Atlas Maps for military conflicts in the warlord & Nationalist eras, produced by West Point's Dept. of History
Classified Bibliography of Reference Works on Chinese Historical Geography A comprehensive compilation by Thomas H. Kahn of Cornell University
Historical Maps of China From the Perry-Castañeda Map Collection of University of Texas Library
History and Commercial Atlas of China Scans of maps in Albert Herrmann's Historical and Commercial Atlas of China (Harvard University Press, 1935)
Content-Rich Institut d'Asie Orientale (IAO) Databases Shanghai in images; maps of Shanghai; Tianjin in images; maps of Kyoto; Beijing in images
Novus Atlas Sinensis A 17th century atlas of China in the Special Collection of Cal State Hayward Library: information on the atlas & its author, & reproduction of images
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See also other pages on Chinese history: general sources; archaeology & prehistory; early history; the imperial era through the Yuan; late imperial era; late Qing & the Republic; the Chinese Communist Movement; the 2nd Sino-Japanese War; the Korean War; the People's Republic of China; the Cultural Revolution. For modern Chinese political leaders, see the pages on Sun Yat-sen, Mao Zedong, & Deng Xiaoping.

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