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East & Southeast Asia: An Annotated Directory of Internet Resources
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Chinese Economy: General Information
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The 1990 Institute "U.S.-based, action-oriented think tank dedicated to the study of major economic & social issues relating to China": activities & publications (some available online)
2004: China's Coming out Party Mary Hennock's analysis of 2004 as the year of China's emergence as the world's most energetic economy attracting global attention (BBC News, Dec. 21, 2004)
Access Asia News "news stories focus[ing] on China though also cover[ing] South East Asia, Hong Kong, Macau & North Korea ... occasional in-depth pieces and weekend features on the key trends shaping the economy of the region, society and business in Asia"
Asia Business Intelligence "Commentary on Asian Events, with a focus on China"
NewContent-Rich Greater China Business Asia Times Online's "information hub for the Greater China economy": stories; interactive map of Chiina with extensive data on individual provinces; industry surveys; links; stock market closings for the Shanghai, Taiwan and Hong Kong markets; foreign chambers of commerce; travel information; important government documents, etc.
Asian Development Bank (ADB): People's Republic of China (PRC) PRC and ADB; country reports; news releases; related topics
"Big Bang" Versus Gradualism in Economic Reforms: An Intertemporal Analysis with an Application to China An International Monetary Fund Working Paper by Andrew Feltenstein & Saleh M. Nsouli (Aug. 2001)
Breaking the Cycle: Chinese Governance & Economic Fluctuation Enzio Von Pfeil on the structural causes of China's boom and bust cycles (China Brief, June 24, 2004)
Content-Rich Caijing (in Chinese, with English newsletter) Leading financial & business news magazine (in Chinese) Search engine for "the largest databank for Chinese enterprises"
Centripetal Forces in China's Economic Take-off An International Monetary Fund Working Paper by Anuradha Dayal-Gulati & Aasim M. Husain (June 2000)
China: the New Economic Giant Philip S. Golub on "Chinas new role as the engine of regional integration in East Asia" (Le Monde diplomatique, Oct. 2003)
China: The Pursuit of Competitive Advantage and Profitable Growth Anthology of Boston Consulting Group's reports 2002-03 (July 2003; PDF format)
China - Too Much, Too Soon? Time Asia special report on China's red hot economy (Nov. 17, 2003)
China After WTO Entry Excerpts from Chinese Academy of Social Sciences book (Jan. 2000)
China and Socialism: Market Reforms and Class Struggle Introduction to Martin Hart-Landsberg and Paul Burkett's "Marxist study of how a major post-revolutionary society turned away from socialism" (Monthly Review July-August 2004)

China and the New Rules for Global Business
English or English;
Chinese or Chinese

First of four Boston Cconsulting Group/Knowledge@Wharton China Reports, focusing on strategic and operational questions for global firms (June 3, 2004; PDF format)
China and the WTO : Accession, Policy Reform, and Poverty Reduction Strategies World Bank report that "analyzes the nature of the reforms involved in China 's accession to the WTO, assesses their implications for the world economy, and examines the implications for individual households, particularly the poor" (June 2004; PDF & text formats)
China & World Economy Journal published by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences: research papers; statistical data
China Business Desk "an integral part of Europe's largest group of China-related internet sites ... focuses on China business with a European perspective"
China Business Summit 2004 World Economic Forum
China Center for Economic Research (in Chinese & English) Peking University center engaged in research on China's economic reform & development, & promotion of education & training in economics: news; discussion papers; TOCs of journals
China Country Analysis Brief A brief compiled by the Energy Information Administration, with emphasis on energy resources, production & consumption (June 2002)
China E "A comprehensive China product & business portal"
Content-Rich China Economic Information Network (in Chinese) Economic news & data from official sources
Content-Rich China Economy From China Economic Information Network: Economy news; forecasting & analysis; policies & regulations in brief; laws & regulations; investment & market; statistics; enterprises; government officials & bodies
China in the World Economy: The Domestic Policy Challenges An OECD synthesis report on "how can China best reap the benefits of its opening & other economic reforms over the next decade"
China Joins the Global Economy Part 1: "How bureaucratic barriers were breached with a policy of 'No flow, no dough'" by David Zweig (YaleGlobal, Sept. 15, 2003)
Part 2: "China's 'software advantages' bode well for its short-term economic growth" by Deborah Davis (YaleGlobal, Sept. 17, 2003)
China Overview 2003 From World Bank's East Asia Update: Looking Beyond Short-Term Shocks (Apr. 2003; PDF format)
Content-Rich The China Project - China's Economy: Online Research "a library of links for all the best academic research on Chinas economic reforms available on the web," organized by topic from agriculture to trade & compiled by Chatham House
China's 100 Richest People 2002 A Forbes special report (Oct. 2002)
China's Contradictions And Possible Collapse: A Conversation with Orville Schell "a counterintuitive analysis of the disturbing slate of massive problems that just may make China implode" by a noted China scholar & journalist (Global Business Network, Sept. 2001)
China's Economic Conditions A Congressional Research Service Report by Wayne M. Morrison (updated Apr. 2003)
China's Economy: Will the Bubble Burst? Woodrow Wilson Center Asia Special Report by Charles Wolf Jr., Thomas G. Rawski, & Deborah S. Davis (June 2003; PDF format)
China's Population & Development in the 21st Century White paper published by the Information Office of the State Council
China's Property Beat

Asia Times series on the housing market in China
Part I: Regulation needed (May 17, 2005)
Part II: 'Cool' not a good thing in Beijing (May 18, 2005)

China's Provincial Growth Dynamics An International Monetary Fund Working Paper by Jahangir Aziz & Christoph Duenwald (Jan. 2001)
ChinaOnline: Media & Entertainment Industry Current news stories & archives
ChinaOnline: The Network for China "A unique online news & analysis website that provides business information on China": headlines & daily briefing; industry updates& analyses; issues & commentaries; Taiwan Weekly Business Bulletin; black market currency watch
ChinaVista Xindeco Business Information Company's Web site: business news & information; Discovering China; City Vistas
Chinese Business World Business, travel, & general information in English, Chinese & Korean presented by Asia System Media Group
Chinese Contract Law Forum English version of the Chinese Unified Contract Law adopted on March 15, 1999 by the National People's Congress; access to "the latest free information on the development of Chinese Contract Law" & forum for related discussions
The Complete Reference to the Web Sites of China's Industry and Agriculture's annotated directory
Cooperation in the Pan-Pearl River Delta (PPRD) (in Chinese) A Ming Pao special on the "9+2" region for economic cooperation & development formed in 2004 & consisting of Fujian, Jiangxi, Hunan, Guangdong, Hainan, Sichuan, Guizhou, Yunnan, Guangxi Autonomous region and Hong Kong and Macao SARs
Cross-border Urban Growth: the Case of Jiangyin Economic Development Zone in Jingjiang Xiaolong Luo and Jianfa Shen on emergence of joint development zones between cities & interactions between local governments, business sectors, local media and rural communities (Proceedings of the 15th Biennial Conference of the Asian Studies Association of Australia in Canberra, 2004; PDF format)
Directory of Electronic Sources for
Chinese Business and Economy
Compiled by Stephen Morgan, University of Melbourne
Dividing the Big Family Assets Qin Hui's "long-range comparative perspective on the Chinese states strategy for land and industry today" (New Left Review, 20, March-April 2003)
The Economic Rise of China: Threat or Opportunity? Nicholas R. Lardy's commentary based on speech given at the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland (Aug. 1, 2003; PDF format)
EconPapers: Justin Yifu Lin Working papers & journal articles by a leading Chinese economist (in Chinese) From Beijing Government Economic Information Center: economic news; statistics; guide to handling affairs; laws & regulations; surveys; information
Forbes China The Chinese-language edition of the influential business magazine
The Future of the Greater China Economy Summary of the The Third Wilbur K. Woo Conference on the Greater China Economy, UCLA, Feb. 22, 2005)
Globalization: Custom-Made in China Fan Gang on China's success at "minimizing negative impact of opening the country" "By controlling the pace and scope of reforms" (YaleGlobal, Oct. 2004)
Go East, Young Man Henry Blodget's "series on the China gold rush": "whether China really is the business opportunity of the age" (Slate Magazine, Jan. 2005- )
The Great Wall of Shopping Pepe Escobar on shopping malls in China, with Xintiandi in Shanghai as the "model unit" (Asia Times, Jan. 14, 2005)
How International Competition Will Change China A May 2000 report from U.S. Embassy Beijing
How to Handle an Overheated Economy Barry Naughton's suggestions on how to keep the Chinese economy strong & depoliticized (Foreign Policy, Nov./Dec. 2004)
The Impact of Property Rights on Households' Investment, Risk Coping, and Policy Preferences: Evidence from China World Bank Policy Research Working Paper by Klaus Deininger & Songqing Jin (Nov. 2002)
In Pictures: China's New Shoppers BBC News report from one of Beijing's biggest shopping malls (2004)
Intellectual Property in China: Prospectus for New Market Entrants Jonathan C. Spierer's essay in Harvard Asia Quarterly (Summer 1999)
icxo (in Chinese) News & analyses of China's business environment, from World Executive Institute Limited Comprehensive Directory of Chinese Enterprises (in Chinese) Directory of businesses searchable by sector & locality; national & local government institutions; news media; hotlines; hot sites; e-commerce sites; economy-related sites; broadcasting sites; special features such as compendium of Chinese laws
Market Profile on Chinese Mainland Basic information compiled by Hong Kong Trade Development Council
Market Profiles on Chinese Cities & Provinces Provided by Hong Kong Trade Development Council: economic indicators & information by province & city
The Myth Behind China's Miracle George J. Gilboy's essay on China's economic "miracle" & policy implications for the U.S. (Foreign Affairs, July/Aug. 2004)
NE Asia Online: China Watch From Nikkei Business Publications, business & technology news for China
People's Republic of China & the IMF IMF documents & reports
Photo journal: First-time Homebuyers in Beijing BBC News report (2004)
Returning Fairness to the Market: Red-capped Capitalists Leaving the Stage of History (in Chinese) Stories related to the Chinese Communist Party's 2004 prohibition of officials engaging in business, compiled by World Executive Institute Limited
SINA English: Business News News stories on business, investment, & technology and lifestyles in China; also coverage of Hong Kong, Taiwan & world news
Content-Rich Sinoroving: Pepe Escobar in China Part 1: The Great Wall of Shopping
Part 2: Selling China to the World
Part 3: The Hottest Label: China Chic
Part 4: Tiananmen Peasant Time Bomb
Part 5: Guangdong, Unstoppable World's Factory
Part 6: Never mind the Party, let's Party!
Part 7: The Emperor's New Clothes (Asia Times, Jan. 2005)
Stability Amidst Turmoil: China & the Asian Financial Crisis Shalendra D. Sharma's essay in Harvard Asia Quarterly (Winter 2000)
Content-Rich State-owned Assets Supervision & Administration Commission of the State Council (SASAC) (in Chinese & English) News, regulations, tasks; detailed information on state-owned enterprises
Succeeding in China - the Hard Way Last of a series of special reports on the Chinese economy for BBC World Service (June 2, 2004), with links to previous "Made in China" reports
Taiwan Institute of Economic Research: Chinese Economy (in Chinese) Research papers on the economy of mainland China
The Tiger's Teeth Jonathan Watts on China's unlikeliest boom towns dominating global manufacturing of such goods as buttons, zips, toothbrushes & socks (The Guardian, May 25, 2005)
Transportation, Business, Agriculture, Construction, & Industry Scenes in China Paul Noll's compendium with images
U.S. Commercial Service China: SARS Impact on Chinas Economy Report from the U.S. Department of Commerce
Using A Trade-induced Catch-up Model to Explain China's Provincial Economic Growth 1978-97 A Stockholm School of Economics working paper by Yudong Yao & Johan Lyhagen (Feb. 2001)
Why China is Growing so Fast Commentary by Satyabrata Rai Chowdhuri (Asia Times, Apr. 21, 2005)
Why Has China Survived the Asian Crisis So Well? An International Finance Discussion Paper (Federal Reserve Board) by John G. Fernald & Oliver Babson (Feb. 1999)
Why Is China Growing So Fast? An International Monetary Fund Economic Issues No. 8 by Zuliu Hu & Mohsin S. Khan (June 1997)
World Economic Forum: China Business Summit Reports
2004; 2003; 2002; 2001; 2000; 1999
Reports on annual conferences of decision-makers brought together by the World Economic Forum to address issues related to China's business & economy (PDF format)
Zhang Jun Homepage Essays & commentaries on the Chinese economy in Chinese & English by a Fudan University economist
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