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East & Southeast Asia: An Annotated Directory of Internet Resources
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Asian Americans: Political & Social Issues
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Political Participation & Empowerment Cultural Perceptions & Racial Prejudice Health & Education
Demographic & Social Profile Community Issues Social & Economic Problems
Women's Issues   The Wen Ho Lee Case
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Political Participation & Empowerment
New2004 Asian & Pacific American Legislative Report Card: How State Lawmakers Voted on Priority Issues for California's Asian & Pacific Americans Compiled by Asian Americans for Civil Rights & Equality (Jan. 2005; PDF format)
80-20 Initiative "a national nonpartisan Political Action Committee dedicated to work for equality & justice for all Asian Americans"
Asian American Policy Review Abstracts from academic journal "examining social issues & public policies affecting the Asian Pacific American community"
Asian Pacific American Institute for Congressional Studies (APAICS) "the only national, non-partisan, pan-Asian American organization dedicated to increasing the participation of Asian Pacific Americans in public policy & the political process"
NewThe Asian Pacific American Legal Center "the largest organization in southern California that provides Asian and Pacific Islander (API) and other communities with multi-lingual, culturally sensitive services and legal education"
Chinese For Affirmative Action History & current activities of advocacy group dedicated to furthering equal job opportunity & civil rights for Chinese Americans
NewThe Committee of 100's Asian Pacific American (APA) Corporate Board Report Card Committee of 100's "first-ever report card highlighting the dramatic under-representation of Asian Pacific Americans (APA's) on the boards of U.S. Fortune 500 corporations" (April 2004; PDF format)
How Will Asian Americans Vote? Interview with S.B. Woo, leader of the 80-20 Initiative, "a national nonpartisan Political Action Committee dedicated to working for equality & justice for all Asian Americans"
How Will Asian Americans Vote in the US Presidential Elections 2000? An AsiaTODAY special report (Oct. 2, 2000): articles & commentary; speeches & interviews; links
The Importance of Being Counted: An Interview with Glenn D. Magpantay, Esq. Conversation with a staff attorney at the Asian American Legal Defense & Education Fund about the 2000 Census & organizing Asian American communities
An Interview with David Wu: The First Chinese American U. S. House of Representatives Member An ASIAToday special report (June 7, 2001)
Content-Rich Model Minority: A Guide to Asian American Empowerment "the Web's richest collection of research articles, commentaries, stories, poems, pictures, & other documents on the Asian American experience"
National Asian Pacific American Legal Consortium "to advance the legal & civil rights of Asian Pacific Americans through litigation, public education & public policy"
Organization of Chinese Americans "national non-profit, non-partisan advocacy organization of concerned Chinese Americans"
SUNFIRE: Asian American Power & Politics "a site for Asian Americans about mastering political skills for empowerment in public policy & private enterprise"
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Cultural Perceptions & Racial Prejudice
American Attitudes Toward Chinese Americans & Asian Americans Study prepared for Committee of 100 by Yankelovich Partners (April 2001)
AsianWeek: The Bloody Legacy of Hate Crimes An issue focused on hate crimes against Asian Americans
"A Certain Slant" - A Brief History of Hollywood Yellowface Robert B. Ito's survey of the Hollywood tradition of white actors performing in "yellowface" (Bright Lights Film Journal, Issue 18, Mar. 1997)
Exploring Race in America: An Interview with Frank Wu Conversation with the first Asian American to serve as a law professor at Howard University Law School "about racial profiling, assimilation, & the model minority myth"
Scholarly Analyses of Fu Manchu Stereotype on the WWW An annotated collection of links
The Transformation of the Image of the Chinese in American Movies (in Chinese) Zhang Ying-jin's analysis of 6 American films, from Broken Blossoms to M. Butterfly (21st Century Net Edition, June 2004)
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Health & Education
Asian American Health National Library of Medicine's "information portal to issues affecting the health and well-being of Asian Americans in the United States"
Asian-American Health: Cambodian (Khmer), Laotian, Vietnamese Resources for cross-cultural care & prevention, educational resources, community services in Dallas & elsewhere, job opportunities, & related links
Consumer Health Information for Asians Pamphlets in Chinese & Vietnamese on common health problems & issues provided by Houston HealthWays
The FamilyCulture "educational & cultural resources for diverse families & their service providers, with a special focus on Asian and multicultural families"
A Scientist's Random Walk: Conversation with Steven Chu Interview with the Nobel Laureate in Physics (Institute of International Studies, UC Berkeley, Conversations with History series, 2004)
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Demographic & Social Profile
Content-Rich NewAsian American Federation: Census Information Center (CIC) "a community-based component of the U.S. Census Bureau's Data Dissemination Network," offering "demographic briefs and reports on Asian Americans at the national, state, city, and neighborhood levels" & other demographic services
Asian Americans & Census 2000 Results An ASIAToday special report (May 30, 2001): articles; commentaries; links
Asian and Pacific Islander Populations Links to relevant data & reports by the Census Bureau since the 1990 census
The Asian Population: 2000 A Census 2000 Brief on the size & regional distribution of the Asian population
Asian-Americans & the Internet: The Young & the Connected A Pew Internet & American Life Project report (Dec. 12, 2001)
Census 2000 Brief: Ancestry Study based on U.S. 2000 census data by Angela Brittingham & G. Patricia de la Cruz (June 2004; PDF format)
NewThe Diverse Face of Asians and Pacific Islanders in California The Asian Pacific American Legal Center's "demographic reports on Asians and Pacific Islanders (API) in the state of California and in 3 Southern California counties," based on the 2000 census: "information on 20 API ethnic groups, including indicators on socioeconomic status, education, housing, language, and immigration" (PDF format)
Language Use and English-Speaking Ability: 2000 U.S. Census Bureau brief by Hyon B. Shin and Rosalind Bruno (PDF format)
Mapping Census 2000: The Geography of U.S. Diversity -- Asian Maps pertaining to the population of Asians from Census 2000 Special Report CENSR/01-1 (PDF format)
One Race: Asian A Census 2000 special report on demographic changes in the Asian population & people indicating more than 1 or more races including Asian
We the Americans: Asians Report based on the U.S. 1990 census (Bureau of the Census, Sept. 1993; PDF format)
We the People: Asians in the United States A Census 2000 Special Report by Terrance J. Reeves & Claudette E. Bennett focusing on the demographic, social, & economic characteristics of "the eleven largest detailed Asian groups at the national level" (Dec. 2004; PDF format)
Who's your Neighbor: Residential Segregation & Diversity in California A report in PDF format by the Public Policy Institute of California (Aug. 2002)
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Community Issues
Chinatown Companion site for the PBS documentary: extensive resource guide; interview with producer/director Felicia Lowe; Quicktime clip
Chinatown after September 11 An AsiaTODAY special report on New York's Chinatown (April 17, 2002): commentary; news stories; reports; resources; online reports; multimedia; news sources
The Impact of the Los Angeles Riots on the Korean-American Community An AsiaTODAY special report (May 03, 2002): commentary; multimedia; news sources; links to other special reports
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Social & Economic Problems
Asian-Pacific Americans Vernellia R. Randall's compilation of selected laws & government policies affecting Asian-Pacific Americans, & readings on social issues such as the model minority myth
The Assimilation of Asians in Seattle Paper by Susan Wierzbicki (March 1997)
Chinese Human Smuggling From U.S. Dept. of State, International Information Programs, an examination of the plight of Chinese smuggled into the U.S.
Immigration and Wealth Inequality in the U.S. Working paper by Lingxin Hao, Johns Hopkins University (Russel Sage Foundation, Feb. 2003; PDF format)
White House Initiative on Asian Americans & Pacific Islanders News, events, & resources related to "Executive Order 13125 to improve the quality of life of Asian Americans & Pacific Islanders through increased participation in Federal programs where they may be underserved"
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Women's Issues
Women Immigrants in the United States Proceedings of a conference sponsored by the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars & the Migration Policy Institute (Sept. 9, 2002)
Content-Rich Women of Color Health Data Book - 2nd Edition 2002 National Women's Health Information Center's book containing "the most recent available information on the different populations of women in the United States" (PDF format)
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The Wen Ho Lee Case
China Spying Story: All the Excuses Fit to Print Robert Scheer's editorial on the Wen Ho Lee case in the Los Angeles Times (Feb. 5, 2001)
Covering Wen Ho Lee Online NewsHour's examination of the New York Times' coverage (September 26, 2000)
Is Wen Ho Lee the Victim of Racial Profiling? Frank Wu's editorial for (1/13/00)
The Times & Wen Ho Lee A editorial on the paper's own coverage of the Wen Ho Lee case, with links to relevant articles (free registration required)
A Very Convenient Scandal An essay in the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists on the Wen Ho Lee case by Stephen I. Schwartz (May/June 1999)
Wen Ho Lee A collection of articles
Wen Ho Lee & Los Alamos A Washington Post special report (free registration required)
Wen Ho Lee Nuclear Labs Security Debate & Poll's listings of relevant facts & poll on who was at fault "an online organization created for the sole purpose of advocating justice for Dr. Wen Ho Lee"
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