Welcome to the Asian Studies Program,
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Robert Y. Eng, Professor of History, & Director of the University of Redlands Regional Center of the Asian Studies Development Program (ASDP)

Kota Inoue, Assistant Professor of Asian Studies
Yukiko Kawahara, Associate Professor of Asian Studies
Hongwei Lu, Associate Professor of Asian Studies

Advisory Committee

Graeme Auton, Professor of Government
Anne Cavender, Associate Professor of English
Heung-joo Cha, Associate Professor of Business Administration
Karen Derris, Associate Professor of Religious Studies
Xinyan Jiang, Professor of Philosophy
Lawrence Finsen, Professor of Philosophy
William B. Huntley, Will C. and Effie M. Crawford Professor of Religion
Sawa Kurotani, Associate Professor of Anthropology
Jack Osborn, Hunsaker Professor of Business Administration
Asian Studies Program: Plan of Study, Study Abroad, and Senior Capstone Guidelines

What Courses Do We Offer?

What Are the Requirements For an Asian Studies Major/Minor?

Social & Cultural History of Japan Through Music Education, research project of Yukiko Kawahara & Redlands students funded by the Freeman Foundation

Installing and Using East Asian Languages on PC's

Internet Resources For Asian Studies

Asia-Pacific Trade, Cultural Flows, and Social Dynamics: A Symposium in Anticipation of the 2011 APEC Summit in Honolulu, September 24, 2011

Asian Studies Development Program NEH Faculty Workshop Series: “Asian Culture through Theater,” Spring 2006

Roger Ames on Redlands’ Influence on His Distinguished Career in Chinese Studies

Current Development in China and US-China Relations, Keynote Speech Prepared by Zhong Jianhua, Chinese Consul General in Los Angeles, for his Campus Visit, Feb. 25, 2003

Faculty Development Workshop: Continuities & Transformations in East Asian Culture & Society, Fall 2002

Asian Film Festival, Fall 2002

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The Asian Studies Program seeks to cultivate an understanding and appreciation of Asia’s diverse cultures and contemporary social, political, business, and economic issues. The program emphasizes interdisciplinary approaches, combining the study of languages, humanities, and the social sciences. In addition to the Asian Studies faculty, members of the Advisory Committee, as well as other faculty, regularly offer courses which are credited with fulfilling requirements of the degree(s). For a full listing of Asian-Studies related courses, see “Breadth Courses for the Major and Minor.” The many unique cultures within Asia offer the student distinct perspectives on art, literature, religion, and philosophy, developed through a history dating back thousands of years. The Asian Studies curriculum emphasizes China and Japan. Courses are also offered and encouraged, spanning the entire geographic area, which compare and contrast the development and current state of cultures throughout the Asian region.

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