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East & Southeast Asia: An Annotated Directory of Internet Resources
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Hong Kong: Business & Economy
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Content-Rich The 2022 Foundation "a non-profit organization ... seek[ing] to facilitate the development of a long-term vision of what Hong Kong can accomplish by deepening and widening its knowledge platform": projects; publications & reports; useful links
The American Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong History, organization & activities of the American Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong; archive of press releases, background papers/fact sheets, position papers, etc.
Asian Development Bank (ADB): Hong Kong, China Hong Kong, China, and ADB; country reports; news releases; related topics
Brand Hong Kong 香港品牌形象 (in Chinese & English) Government site presenting "Hong Kong's new brand platform, visual identity and brandline as well as an overview of the many elements that have served to make Hong Kong the gateway to the Mainland of China and the hub for business throughout the Asia-Pacific region"
Budget of the Hong Kong SAR Government 政府財政預算案 (in Chinese & English) Annual budget speeches from 1998-99 on by the Financial Secretary; highlights; estimates; Webcasting; press releases & speeches; related documents
Chinese General Chamber of Commerce 香港中華總商會 (in Chinese & English) Information & news about the Chamber; business information & databases
Economic & Trade Information on Hong Kong Information supplied by Hong Kong Trade Development Council
Finet Online - Hong Kong Financial World "free stock quotes, up-to-the-minute news, performance charts, company profiles & market commentary"
Hong Kong and China Reverse Roles Todd Crowell contrasting Hong Kong's crony capitalism with mainland China's cowboy capitalism (Asia Times, Feb. 19, 2005)
The Hong Kong Centre for Economic Research (HKCER) "An independent private research centre affiliated with & located at The University of Hong Kong," with listings of monographs, projects, & programs, & contents of the bimonthly HKCER Letters
Hong Kong Coalition of Service Industries 香港服務業聯盟 Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce's service policy think tank: activities, reports, publications, & links
Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office USA (HKETO) "information regarding the functions and services of the three HKETOs in the U.S.A., news and information about Hong Kong, and useful links to Hong Kong Government's main Web Site"
Content-Rich Hong Kong Economy 香港經濟近況 (in Chinese & English) From the Economic Analysis Division of the Financial Services and the Treasury Bureau: economic forecasts; GDP; trade; retail sales; property; labor; consumer price index; comparative cost of living; effect of SARS on business; economic reports
Hong Kong Exchanges & Clearings Ltd. "holding company of The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited, Hong Kong Futures Exchange Limited and Hong Kong Securities Clearing Company Limited": Market news & general information; Exchange listings & listed companies; Exchange & Clearing House participants
The Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce "oldest - founded in 1861 - and largest - around 4,000 corporate members - business organization in Hong Kong," & "self-funded, a non-profit organization ... representing the entire scope of trade, service and industry in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region"
Hong Kong Listed Company Papers Online "more than 16,000 documents arising from the issue of new shares, derivative warrants and debt securities, mergers and takeovers, repurchase of shares, company reorganization, etc. ... reflects not only the activities of listed companies but also the overall economic conditions of Hong Kong since the 1940s"
Hong Kong Pearl River Delta Foundation 香港珠三角基金會 (in Chinese & English) Privately-funded non-profit organization "founded in late 2002 with a two-year mission to promote and accelerate the repositioning of Hong Kong as the business and lifestyle hub of the Pearl River Delta"
Hong Kong Special Administrative Region - Recent Economic Developments An IMF Staff Country Report (1999)
Content-Rich Hong Kong Statistics From the Census and Statistics Department: key economic & social indicators; frequently asked statistics; Hong Kong in figures
Content-Rich Hong Kong Trade Development Council 香港貿易發展局 (in Chinese & English) Business & economic news, statistics, tips for doing business with Hong Kong, etc.
Hong Kong - United States Business Council News; Hong Kong information; trade & economic information; Hong Kong policy issues; Council policy priorities & publications
Content-Rich InvestHK 投資推廣署 (in English, Chinese & Japanese) "The government department which welcomes international investment to Hong Kong": HK advantages; key business sectors; setting up in Hong Kong; key statistics; useful links; news & events
Investor Relations Asia Information on Hong Kong listed companies & public companies, American Respository Search Tool, press releases, financial tools
Li Ka-shing International Web Site 李嘉诚国际网站 (in Chinese) Biographical information & media commentary on, & news & keys to success of the Hong Kong tycoon, compiled by World Executive Institute Limited
Mainland and Hong Kong Closer Economic Partnership Arrangement (CEPA) 內地與香港關於建立更緊密經貿關係的安排: Chinese; English Full text of CEPA & related information & documents
NewThe Other Handover Time Asia story on how Asia's richest man "Li Ka-shing took Hong Kong back from the British long before 1997" (Aug. 15, 2005)
The Pearl River Delta versus Yangtze River Delta On the intensifying economic competition between these regions (Hong Kong: The Servicing Economy, Sept. 2002 issue; PDF format)
People's Republic of China--Hong Kong Special Administrative Region: 2002 Article IV Consultation Discussions--Staff Report An International Monetary Fund Country Report (May 2002)
People's Republic of China--Hong Kong Special Administrative Region: Selected Issues An International Monetary Fund Country Report (May 2002)
People's Republic of China--Hong Kong Special Administrative Region: Selected Issues and Statistical Appendix An International Monetary Fund Country Report (Aug. 2001)
People's Republic of China in respect of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region & the IMF IMF documents & reports
Project 2022: Hong Kong & The Pearl River Delta Project initiated by a group of Hong Kong businesspeople & "provid[ing] the research data and analysis in urban planning, the environment and infrastructure to frame and focus the debate on how HK and the PRD should develop"
Property Prices and Speculative Bubbles - Evidence from Hong Kong SAR An International Monetary Fund Working Paper by Christoph Duenwald et al. (Jan. 2000)
Content-Rich Profiles of Hong Kong Major Manufacturing Industries Hong Kong Trade Development Council's profiles of some 30 industries, some with Webcasts
Report on Management Consultancy Sector in Hong Kong Preface with summary of findings of report commissioned by Hong Kong Coalition of Service Industries (Aug. 2003)
A Study on Technological Progress and Economic Growth in Hong Kong Paper by Chen Wen (E-Journal on Hong Kong Cultural and Social Studies, Feb. 2002)
To Be the Services Metropolis of the Pearl River Delta: A Blueprint for Hong Kong View of the Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce's think tank, the Hong Kong Coalition of Service Industries, on the economic integration of Hong Kong & the Pearl River Delta region (Nov. 2002; PDF format)
Content-Rich Trade and Industry Department (TID) 工業貿易署 (in Chinese & English) "responsible for conducting Hong Kong's international trade relations, implementing trade policies and agreements, as well as providing general support services for industries and small and medium enterprises"
Content-Rich Trade Development Council Annual Reports The Council's mission & activities, business & trade outlook, & coverage of such topics as Hong Kong's competitive advantages
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