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East & Southeast Asia: An Annotated Directory of Internet Resources
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East & Southeast Asia: News Media
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ABYZ News Links "Your Gateway to Newspapers, News Media, and News Sources," searchable by regions & countries; for each country, background information, national & foreign news sources, & local news sources
NewAsahi Asia Network (AAN) "a think tank that aims to promote information and human exchange in Asia": latest articles by AAN researchers; columns on current events in Asia; articles by Asian guest reporters; introduction to the latest Asian studies by former AAN researchers and others; annual reports
Asia Inc -- The Region's Business Magazine "a regional business monthly for the extraordinary Asian executive": articles on Asian business & technology; Asia Internet directory by country & by subject; online conference rooms; archive of past articles
NewAsia News Network (ANN) "a network of national daily newspapers published in Asian cities, organized to provide avenues for cooperation and to optimize coverage of major news events in the region": Inside Asia; national news; Asia and the world; business;voices of Asia ; columnists/analyses; spotlight; sports; people; lifestyles; visit Asia
Asia Observer "a start page for observers of news & developments in East & Southeast Asia ... with easy access to selected high quality web sites"
Content-Rich Asia Times Online: English; Chinese "Internet-only publication that reports and examines geopolitical, political, economic and business issues ... from an Asian perspective"
Asia Times: Southeast Asia News, business stories & news series on Southeast Asia
Asia via Web Radio/TV UCLA Asia Institute's compilation of radio & TV broadcasts on the Web, listed by region/country
Asia-Pacific MediaEducator (APME) Bi-annual journal containing "critical commentaries & innovations in media education, training & practices," with many articles on Asia
Asiadragons News Network Top stories, business & technology news, & local stories grouped by country
Content-Rich AsiaMedia: The Asia Pacific Media Network "a nonprofit and nonpartisan service ... [aiming] to foster greater understanding of media developments throughout Asia and the Pacific": media news; articles on media trends; interviews; reviews; Pacific Perspective with Tom Plate; commentary
Asian Affairs Quarterly featuring "exclusive interviews from prominent political leaders, senior economists, scholars & industrialists, together with indepth analysis"
Content-Rich AsiaSource: AsiaTODAY A resource of the Asia Society: news clippings about Asia updated weekdays
Asiaweek Archive of important news magazine which ceased publication in Nov. 2001
BBC News: Asia-Pacific Top stories, business news, features, & country profiles
Brand Recon China & Japan news; lists of Asia blogs & newspapers
Christian Science Monitor: News from Asia Pacific Recent news stories
Financial Times: World News / Asia-Pacific News & analysis, economic news, & market prices
Content-Rich NewA Glimpse of the World Diary, writings & photos by Howard French, Shanghai-based senior writer for the New York Times
NewGlobal Voices Online "an international effort to diversify the conversation taking place online by involving speakers from around the world, and developing tools, institutions and relationships to help make these voices heard" ... "sponsored by and launched from the Berkman Center for Internet and Society at the Harvard Law School"
Guardian Unlimited Newsguide: Asia Annotated guide to news sources on Asia, with additional listings by country
Guide de la Radio et du Live - COMFM A global directory of Web radio & television stations & Webcams
Kidon Media-Link: Newspapers on the World Wide Web Newspapers listed by continent, country, & language
Live Asia-Pacific Newsfeeds Part of Asian Studies WWW VL: organized by country & region
Magazine Articles on Asia & Pacific's selection of current news articles
MetaGrid: Newspapers & Magazines Links to over 4,000 newspapers & magazines around the world, with search engine
The New York Times: Asia Pacific Articles from today's & this week's Times, breaking news from A.P., international forums, weather (free registration required)
NewsHour Online: Asia Transcripts & RealAudio versions of Asia-related segments on Jim Lehrer's News Hour
NewNewsHour Online: Asia Background Reports Transcripts, videos & audios on a variety of important news stories
Content-Rich Northeast Asia Peace & Security Network (NAPSNet) Daily Report News reports & summaries on security issues in the region
Content-Rich NewOhmyNews International International English-language edition of citizen-reporters' news service which revolutionized "the culture of news production, distribution, and consumption", as well as Korean politics: Korea; world; technology; art & life; entertainment; global watch; interviews A directory of thousands of world newspapers, searchable by region & country
Pacific Pulse Reports from the Pacific News Service on "The Pacific Century & Its Impact on the Americas"
Radio Free Asia Private corporation funded by U.S. Congress & broadcasting in Mandarin, Tibetan, Cantonese, Uyghur, Burmese, Vietnamese, Lao, Khmer & Korean
Radio-Locator "the most comprehensive radio station search engine on the internet," searchable by location or call letters (U.S. stations), or format or country (world stations)
Ron Gluckman in Cyberspace Articles on various regions of Asia by American journalist Ron Gluckman
The Straits Times Interactive Singapore newspaper's "Gateway to Asia" with searchable 7-day news archive
Time Asia Asian edition of weekly news magazine
UN News Centre News by Region: Asia Pacific News stories & links to statements & briefings by spokesman for UN Secretary-General, press releases, news conferences, & what, when at UN
Washington Post: Asia/Pacific News on Asia & the Pacific Rim from the Post & the Associated Press (free registration required)
World News Network Breaking news & top stories; news organized by region & by topic; multilingual search tool
The World Press "The daily world press on line - 192 countries - 1413 daily papers"
World Press Review: ASIA Newspapers and Magazines A listing of both online & print news media by country
The WorldNews Network: Asia News search engine & links to Asian news site
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