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East & Southeast Asia: An Annotated Directory of Internet Resources
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Cross-Strait Relations between China and Taiwan
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General Information China's Anti-Secession Law, 2005 Mainland Visits by Leaders of the KMT & the PFP, 2005
Mainland Chinese Perspectives Taiwan Perspectives Analysis & Commentary
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General Information
China/Taiwan: Evolution of the "One China" Policy - Key Statements from Washington, Beijing, and Taipei Abstract & full text of a Congressional Research Service Report by Shirley Kan (Mar. 2001)
China Brief: Taiwan Special Issue Special issue "devoted exclusively to issues pertaining to Taiwan, and its relationship with China and the United States" in the wake of Chen Shui-bian's inauguration (May 27, 2004)
China Threatens Taiwan AsiaTODAY Special Report (Feb. 29, 2000): news sources & special reports; commentary; magazine/journal articles; Chinese government statements; links
Crisisweb: Taiwan An International Crisis Group (ICG) project "on the prospects for renewed confrontation in the Taiwan Strait"
Cross-Strait Strains A chronology of key events (Time Asia, Mar. 15, 2004)
Dangerous Straits: Exploring the Future of U.S.-China Relations & the Long-Simmering Issue of Taiwan A PBS Frontline/NY Times exploration of the flashpoint issue of Taiwan in U.S.-China relations: interviews; experts' analyses; chronology & map; readings & links; discussion; teachers' guide
Guardian Unlimited Special Report: Taiwan & China Collection of news reports grouped by topic
HAQ Interview: William Kirby Comments of the Director of the Harvard Asia Center on "relations between the PRC & Taiwan ... the Asian economic recovery, China's current challenges, & the future of the Asia Center"
International Crisis Group (ICG) Reports on Taiwan Strait ICG's "series of studies on emerging influences on the prospects for renewed confrontation in the Taiwan Strait"
Koo-Wang Meeting Background information, news articles, papers & archives on the historic cross-strait meeting in October of 1998
NewA Little Sunshine through the Clouds David G. Brown on China-Taiwan relations in the first quarter of 2005, with chronology (Comparative Connections, Apr. 2005)
Mao Zedong's Handling of the Taiwan Straits Crisis of 1958: Chinese Recollections & Documents Translated & annotated by Li Xiaobing, Chen Jian, & David L. Wilson (Cold War International History Project Bulletin 6/7, Winter 1995)
Online NewsHour: A Possible Showdown A discussion of the rising tensions between China & Taiwan since Lee Teng Hui used the words "state to state" to describe their relationship (August 4, 1999)
Taiwan Crisis From Federation of American Scientists' Military Analysis Network: news reports; military forces of China & Taiwan; current U.S. order of battle; background information; maps
Taiwan Cross-Strait Directory "Brief summaries & annotated links ... connect the user to online indicators of domestic & international sources of conflict & conflict resolution in Taipei- Beijing relations"
Taiwan Documents Project "seeks... to gather together the most complete collection of Taiwan-related documents available anywhere, [&] to present objective, introductory analyses of legal & other issues surrounding the Taiwan Strait Situation"
Taiwan Strait: Asia's Troubled Waters A In-Depth Special on cross-strait relations between Taiwan & China
Taiwanese Gold Rush to China Sam Ng's report on mass emigration of Taiwanese to mainland China (Asia Times Online, June 30, 2004)
Tensions Over Taiwan A Washington Post Online special report
Yahoo! Full Coverage:Taiwan-China Tensions News stories & related Web sites
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China's Anti-Secession Law, 2005
NewAnti-Secession Law: Full Text
Chinese; English
Adopted at the Third Session of the Tenth National People's Congress Monday, March 13, 2005
NewAnti-Secession Law of the People's Republic of China Wikipedia entry on the background, content & development of the anti-secession law, along with reactions, international responses, & relevant links
NewCall for International Condemnation against China Press release by Mainland Affairs Council of Taiwan on March 14, 2005, in response to the adoption of the Anti-Secession Law
NewCCTV: China Enacts Anti-Secession Law
Chinese; English
News stories; background information; documents; interactive features; overseas reactions
NewChina Military Online: Anti-Secession Law News; backgrounder; stance of the military; opinions & comments; related reports
NewChina's "Anti-Secession Law" Compilation of news reports & editorials by pro-independence New Taiwan, Ilha Formosa
NewChina's Anti-Secession Law: Experts Discuss Implications for Cross-Strait Relations, U.S. Interests A round-table discussion sponsored by the Center for Strategic & International Studies (March 21, 2005; PDF format)
NewChina’s "Anti-Secession Law" Adds to Tension in North East Asia Commentary by John Chan (World Socialist Web Site, Mar. 16, 2005)
NewChina’s New "Anti-Secession Law" Escalates Tensions in the Taiwan Strait John J. Tkacik, Jr.'s commentary & recommendations for the U.S. government & Congress (Heritage Foundation, Dec. 21, 2004)
NewCRI Online Special Report: Anti-Secession Law (in Chinese) News stories; key speeches; glossary of key terms; exclusives; reactions; chronology of & events in cross-strait trade in the new century; cross-strait cultural exchanges; key historical events
NewDPP Delivers Broadside against China's Anti-Secession Law Reactions of the ruling Democratic Progressive Party in Taiwan (Mar. 8, 2005)
NewDraft Anti-Secession Law Explained "... by Wang Zhaoguo, vice-chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress (NPC), at the NPC session Tuesday, March 8, 2005"
NewMuch Ado about China's Anti-Secession Law Ralph A Cossa on Taiwan's critical reactions to the proposed anti-secession law to be passed by China's National Peoples' Congress (Asia Times, Mar. 5, 2005)
NewPresident Chen Issues a Solemn Six-point Statement Regarding China's 'Anti-Separation Law' Published on March 16, 2005
NewXinhuanet: China Enacts Anti-Secession Law
Chinese; English's special report on the historic law passed by National People's Congress in March 2005: full text with explanations; headlines; international reaction; editorial & comments
NewYahoo! China News: Focus on Anti-Secession Law (in Chinese) Aggregated news stories & commentary, with information on military developments in China & Taiwan
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Mainland Visits by Leaders of the KMT & the PFP, 2005
New2005 James Soong Visit to China (in Chinese & English) News stories of the historic visit to China by People First Party's chairman, compiled by
New2005 Lien Chan Visit to China (in Chinese & English) News stories of the historic visit to China by KMT's chairman, compiled by
NewAfter the Lien and Soong Visits: Chen's New Predicament Erich Shih on the political implications of the historic visits for cross-strait relations & for Taiwan president Chen Sui-bian (China Brief, June 7, 2005)
NewEastSouthWestNorth: The Big Brawl in Taipei Report on a bloody brawl between supporters of Taiwan independence & supporters of the Nationalist Party before Lien Chan's departure on his historic visit to Mainland China on April 27, 2005
NewIncreasing Connections Ni Yanshuo's commentary in Beijing Review on the significance of James Soong's mainland tour, meeting with Hu Jintao, & the joint communiqué issued by the Chinese Communisty Party & the People First Party (May 20, 2005)
NewNationalists, Communists Mend Fences in China Henry C. K. Liu on prospects for a third alliance between the CCP & the KMT & solution of the Taiwan issue in historical context (Asia Times, Apr. 5, 2005)
NewOpposition Visit to Taiwan News stories compiled by Taiwan Security Research
NewPeople's Daily: KMT Chairman Lien Chan Visits Mainland (in Chinese) News; commentary; interviews; reactions; multimedia features; reports in foreign news sources; information on Lien Chan's family & personal background
NewPeople's Daily: PFP Chairman James Soong Visits Mainland (in Chinese) News; commentary; reactions; images; backgrounder
NewStrange Cross-Taiwan Strait Bedfellows Francesco Sisci's commentary on the implications of Lien Chan's mainland visit for political developments in China & Taiwan (Asia Times, Apr. 5, 2005)
NewTaiwan Party Leaders Visit Mainland News, photos, related reports, & backgrounder compiled by China Military Online
NewText of KMT-Beijing Agreement, April 29, 2005 Press communiqué released by Chinese President Hu Jintao and KMT Chairman Lien Chan
NewXinhuanet: KMT Chairman Lien Chan Visits Mainland
Chinese; English
News; commentary/opinion; backgrounder; photos
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Mainland Chinese Perspectives
China Daily: Taiwan Issue Cross-strait relations news & developments from China's perspective
China Taiwan Information Center (in Chinese & English) China's first non-governmental site focusing on the Taiwan issue & cross-strait relations: news & commentary; services for Taiwan businessmen; organizations & people; historical documents; history as witness; cultural exchange; cross-straits business; travel & entertainment information
Huaxia Network (in Chinese) Beijing-based site dedicated to the promotion of cross-strait relations & the peaceful unification of China & Taiwan: cross-strait news; related business, cultural, travel, entertainment, military & other types of information
The One-China Principle & the Taiwan Issue A White Paper of the Taiwan Affairs Office & the Information Office of the State Council (Feb. 21, 2000)
Taiwan Affairs Office Issues Statement on Current Cross-Straits Relations(17/05/04) Issued by the Office for Taiwan Affairs under the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council
Taiwan Issue Information on Taiwan, speeches & documents related to cross-strait relations, & news & views, from the perspective of the People's Republic of China
The Taiwan Question & the Reunification of China Official statement from the State Council of the People's Republic of China (Aug. 1993)
Taiwan Studies 2003 Report (in Chinese) China Taiwan Information Center's annual report on cross-strait relations & political & economic conditions in Taiwan
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Taiwan Perspectives
Future China Research Forum Site of Taiwan-based Cross-Strait Interflow Prospect Foundation, providing analyses & reports on cross-strait relations & Taiwan security issues
Mainland Affairs Council, Republic of China News; mainland policy documents; statistics on cross-strait exchanges; cross-strait dialogues & negotiations; public opinion surveys; major events
President Chen's Address to the National Day Rally, Oct. 10, 2004: Chinese; English Chen Shui-bian's speech touching on identity & ethnicity, national sovereignty, & cross-strait relations
President Chen's 2005 New Year's Day Address "Creating a New and Stable Environment for Consultation and Dialogue"
Chinese; English
Chen Shui-bian's address warning that the PRC's "attempts to unilaterally arbitrate and sanction cross-strait issues, concocting a so-called "legal basis" for its military invasion of Taiwan ... will ... pose the greatest threat to regional stability and world peace" (Jan. 1, 2005)
President Lee Teng-hui's Responses to Questions Submitted by Deutsche Welle (Voice of Germany) The July 9, 1999 interview that precipitated the heightening of cross-strait tensions
Protest China's Military Aggression A Taiwanese protest site against the People's Republic of China
Strait Talk: The Full Interview Time's interview with Taiwan president Chen Shui-bian on Taiwan's sovereignty & cross-strait relations (Feb. 16, 2004)
Straits Exchange Foundation (in Chinese) Taiwan's organization for handling cross-strait exchanges
Taiwan Security Research - Koo's Visit to China 1998 Background information, news, reports, papers & opinions on the historic visit to mainland China by Taiwan's top negotiator
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Analysis & Commentary
America's Response to the China-Taiwan Talks Heritage Foundation paper by Harvey J. Feldman (Oct. 1998)
Can the Dragon Swim? The Naval Balance in the Taiwan Strait Commentary by John C.K. Daly (China Brief, Jan. 20, 2004)
NewChen could be Taiwan's Nixon Jianwei Wang's commentary on the lessons of Nixon's China visit for the improvement of cross-strait relations (Asia Times, Apr. 29, 2005)
China’s Closing Window of Opportunity Justin Bernier and Stuart Gold on the possibility of cross-strait conflict in this decade (The Naval War College Review, Summer 2003); PDF version
China's Democratic Triangle Harvey Stockwin's commentary on the triangular relationship between China, Taiwan & Hong Kong (China Brief, Apr. 1, 2004)
China's Taiwan Dilemma Essay by Michael Yahuda of the London School of Economics (YaleGlobal, 18 Feb. 2004)
Cross-Strait Economic Ties: Agent of Change, or a Trojan Horse? Woodrow Wilson Center Asia Program Special Report by Ramon Myers et al. (PDF format; Feb. 2004)
Cross-strait Scramble for Africa: A Hidden Agenda in China-Africa Cooperation Forum Essay by Phillip Liu in Harvard Asia Quarterly (Spring 2001)
Defending Taiwan, and Why It Matters Chris Rahman's analysis in The Naval War College Review (Autumn 2001); PDF version
NewDeterring a Chinese attack against Taiwan: 16 steps Richard Fisher, Jr.'s recommendations on how to deter a Chinese attack on Taiwan (International Assessment and Strategy Center, Apr. 2, 2004)
The Divided China Problem: Conflict Avoidance and Resolution A Hoover Institution Essay in Public Policy by Linda Chao & Ramon H. Myers (June 2000)
East Asia and Bumpy Sino-Taiwanese Relations Analysis by Jusuf Wanandi of the Centre for Strategic and International Studies(The Jakarta Post, 1 July 2004)
NewFederation Could be Win-win for China, Taiwan George Zhibin Gu's commentary on the political & economic benefits of a federal system for China & Taiwan (Asia Times, May 11, 2005)
How China Might Invade Taiwan Piers M. Wood and Charles D. Ferguson's analysis in The Naval War College Review (Autumn 2001); PDF version
NewJapan Dips its Toe in the Taiwan Strait Wenran Jiang's commentary on the joint US-Japanese statement on Feb. 19, 2005, calling for "the peaceful resolution of issues concerning the Taiwan Strait through dialogue" (YaleGlobal, Mar. 2, 2005)
Liberating Taiwan: Peaceful Offensive or Armed Might Paper by Kong Qingjiang & Betsy Röben in Harvard Asia Quarterly (Autumn 2000)
Managing Taiwan Operations in the Twenty-first Century: Issues & Options Jianxiang Bi's analysis in The Naval War College Review (Autumn 1999)
Military Matchups : PRC vs. ROC "unbiased analysis based on unclassified information" of the military capabilities of China & Taiwan, with links to related sites
NewOur Stake in Taiwan Arthur Waldron on the history behind rising tensions between China and Taiwan & his commendations for the role of the United States to prevent conflicts (Commentary Magazine, Oct. 1, 2004)
The 'State-to-State' Flap: Tentative Conclusions About Risk & Restraint in Diplomacy Across the Taiwan Straits Alan M. Wachman's essay in Harvard Asia Quarterly (Winter 2000)
Taiwan Nukes, North Korean Nukes John J. Tkacik, Jr.'s commentary on "Washington's handling of Taiwan's nuclear weapons ambitions in the 1970s and 1980s" & implications for the current North Korean nuclear crisis (China Brief, Jan. 6, 2004)
The Taiwan Strait Crisis of 1996: Strategic Implications for the United States Navy Douglas Porch's analysis in The Naval War College Review (Summer 1999)
Trouble in Taiwan Michael D. Swaine's essay on U.S. policy & cross-strait relations in Foreign Affairs (March/April 2004)
The United States of China Allen T. Cheng's essay on the growing integration between China & Taiwan through business in Asiaweek (July 6, 2001)
When All Else Fails: Beijing's Conservative Stance on Taiwan Andrew Thompson & Zhu Feng's analysis of PRC-Taiwan relations after the inauguration of Chen Shui-bian (China Brief, July 8, 2004)
The Year to Fear for Taiwan: 2006 Wendell Minnick's scenario for a Chinese invasion of Taiwan (Asia Times, April 10, 2004)
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