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East & Southeast Asia: An Annotated Directory of Internet Resources
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Taiwan: Political & Social Issues
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General Education Democratization & Human Rights
2000 Presidential Election Law Defense & Security
Taiwan Independence Intercultural Relations Indigenous Peoples
  2004 Presidential Election & Referendum  
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Institute of Occupational Health & Safety (in Chinese & English) "research institute under the jurisdiction of the Council of Labor Affairs, Executive Yuan": research by various divisions; labor law; annual reports
Interview With Taiwanese President Chen Shui-bian Edited transcript of Washington Post interview conducted Oct. 6, 2003
National Chengchi University: Election Study Center (in Chinese & English) Information on the center, its members, activities & publications; election study & survey data archive; abstractis of articles in Journal of Electoral Studies
NewOne Whole Jujuflop Situation: A View from Taiwan A Weblog on politics in Taiwan, with links to Taiwan media & other Weblogs
Taiwan Advocates (in Chinese) Private think tank for drawing up a blueprint for Taiwan's future development & headed by Lee Teng-hui : news; policy studies; youth perspectives; public opinion surveys; discussion forums, etc.
Taiwan Communiqué "bi-monthly journal focused on political developments in & around Taiwan" & campaigning "for full & equal membership of Taiwan in the international community"
Content-Rich Taiwan Documents Project Collection of current & historical documents on Taiwan's international relations, legal status, & history
Taiwan, Ilha Formosa Taiwan's history, people, cuture, political system, & current news & events from an Independence Movement perspective
Taiwan's Nuclear Power Plant An ASIAToday special report on the controversy over the construction of Taiwan’s fourth nuclear power plant (March 01, 2001)
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2002 Education in the Republic of China Report by the Ministry of Education
Teaching English in Taiwan Michael Turton's compilation of information on teaching English & living in Taiwan, & ideas for English teachers
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Democratization & Human Rights
Amnesty International Report: Taiwan
New2005; 2004; 2003; 2002; 2001;2000 
Annual summary of the human rights situation
Country Reports on Human Rights Practices - Taiwan:
2003; 2002; 2001; 2000; 1999; 1998
Reports by the Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor of the U.S. Department of State
NewA Fading Star in Taiwan Kang Ruoye on the declining political fortunes of the People First Party & its leader James Soong, despite his high-profile 2005 visit to the mainland (Asia Times, May 26, 2005)
International Religious Freedom Report 2002: China (includes Taiwan only) Released by the Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor, Department of State (Oct. 7, 2002)
Internet under Surveillance 2004: Taiwan From Reporters sans frontières's 2004 report on "Obstacles to the free flow of information online"
NewThe KMT Power Struggle in Taiwan Laurence Eyton on the leading candidates to succeed Lien Chan as chairman of the KMT, Taipei mayor Ma Ying-jeou & Speaker of the legislature Wang Jin-pyng (Asia Times, Feb. 26, 2005)
NewKMT Steals the Show with China Visit Laurence Eyton on the political questions raised by Lien Chan's 2005 visit to the mainland (Asia Times, Apr. 26, 2005)
Some Implications of the Turnover of Political Power in Taiwan A Hoover Institution Essay in Public Policy by Linda Chao. Ramon H. Myers, & Jialin Zhang (Apr. 2002)
Taiwan’s Democratic Consolidation, 2000 - 2001 "About 1000 Internet documents collected by Christan Goebel," & part of Digital Archive for Chinese Studies (DACHS), Univ. of Heidelberg (registration required)
NewA Tale of Two Nationalisms Wang Chaohua on national consciousness on Taiwan in relation to local & great power politics (New Left Review, March-April 2005)
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2000 Presidential Election
Taiwan Decides 2000 A CNN In-Depth Special
Taiwan Elections 2000 An Asian Update from Asia Society by Cal Clark: an analysis of the parties, candidates, & issues, with a list of specialists on Taiwan & a bibliography
Taiwan Presidential Election 2000 (in Chinese) Comprehensive coverage by YamWeb
Taiwan Vote 2000 BBC News stories, features, analysis, & timeline
Taiwan's Presidential Election A New York Times Issues in Depth
Year 2000 Presidential Elections Information provided by New Taiwan, Ilha Formosa, home page of major Taiwanese organizations in the USA
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Taiwan Legal Research at the University of Washington Bill McCloy's guide: local & remote resources, research strategy, & bibliography
Taiwanese Legal Research Guide Legal research resources compiled by Wei Luo of the Washington University School of Law Library
World Legal Information Institute: Taiwan Laws & legal information, organized by various categories
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Defense & Security
NewCenter for Global Peace & Strategic Studies (in Chinese) National Chung Hsing University's center focusing on research on security of the Taiwan strait, regional security, cross-strait relations, & various issues related to security & conflicts
New Archival Evidence on Taiwanese "Nuclear Intentions", 1966-1976 A National Security Archive Electronic Briefing Book, with newly declassified documents & an introduction by William Burr
NewPeace Forum (in Chinese & English) "forum for exchanging views on a wide range of issues concerning Taiwan and regional security, as a starting point for Taiwan's future "peace agenda""
Content-Rich Taiwan Security Research Documents, information, & links on Asia-Pacific security issues, including cross-strait relations
Taiwan Special Weapons From the Federation of American Scientists, a guide to systems, organizations & facilities of Taiwan special weapons
Taiwan's National Security, Defense Policy, & Weapons Procurement Processes Rand report by Michael D. Swaine (1999)
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Taiwan Independence
Bibliography of Taiwan Independence Movement Bibliography of books in English & Japanese compiled by Clyde Kiang
The Evolution of a Taiwanese National Identity Woodrow Wilson Center Asia Special Report by June Teufel Dreyer, Thomas B. Gold, & Shelley Rigger (August 2003; PDF format)
Formosan Association for Public Affairs (FAPA) Non-profit grassroots organization representing Taiwanese Americans & aiming to promote "international support for the right of the people of Taiwan (1) to establish an independent & democratic country, & (2) to join the international community"
Hypotheses on Taiwanese Nationalism Talk by Perry Anderson (UCLA, May 13, 2004)
Taiwan President (in Chinese) A non-commercial non-governmental site in support of President Chen Shui-bian & the cause of Taiwan independence: political commentary; history of Taiwan; discussion forum
Taiwanese Collegian Organization with mission "to encourage Taiwanese students to care about Taiwan and help Taiwan become a free, equal, and democratic country": news; projects; list of Taiwanese groups; publications
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Intercultural Relations
Information for Foreigners (in Chinese & English) Official information for foreign residents in Taiwan, including foreign spouses: visas; residence; employment; education; tax; health insurance
Tongzhi, Queers, Gays & Lesbians in Taiwan Articles by Jens Damm of Freie Universitaet Berlin
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Indigenous Peoples
Aboriginal Migration to Urban Environments: A Socioeconomic Case Study of Chinese Taipei A paper by Paul Tzung Tsann Mu for a project of the Human Resource Development Task Force of the Pacific Economic Cooperation Council (PECC-HRD) (1997)
Creating "Indian Country" in Taiwan? Niclas S. Ericsson on "the currently debated proposal to create Indigenous Autonomous Areas (IAA) for Taiwan's aboriginal communities to increase their political and social empowerment and preserve their traditional cultures" (Harvard Asia Quarterly, Winter 2004)
Indigenous Peoples of Taiwan A brief introduction by Rebecca C. Fan, with contemporary songs lyrics by indigenous peoples of Taiwan
Yasukuni Shrine and the Double Genocide of Taiwan's Indigenous Atayal: New Court Verdict Tanaka Nobumasa on a lawsuit filed by members of the Atayal people of Taiwan in response to Japanese PM Koizumi's visit to the Yasukunari Shrine, "the first case to address Japan's oppression of indigenous peoples and [the] mandatory enshrinement" of nearly 50,000 Taiwanese & Koreans who died in Japanese uniforms at Yasukuni during Japanese colonization of those countries (Japan Focus, July 2004)
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