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East & Southeast Asia: An Annotated Directory of Internet Resources
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Singapore: Government Offices
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Governments on the WWW: Singapore Gunnar Anzinger's list of national institutions, representations in foreign countries, political parties, & related general & political information
Inland Revenue Authority (IRAS) Overview of tax system & specifics on taxes on income, property, & goods & services
Content-Rich Ministry of Education News; education system; programs; education institutions; examinations; resources; e-services
Content-Rich Ministry of Finance Budget & tax information; news; services for business & home users
Content-Rich Ministry of Foreign Affairs Press statements & speeches; consular information; foreign policy; Singapore Co-operation Programme; Singapore missions worldwide; foreign missions in Singapore
Content-Rich Ministry of Home Affairs Information on Police Force, Civil Defense Force, Prisons Department, Central Narcotics Bureau, immigration, National Registration Department, Commercial & Industrial Security Corporation, & Singapore Corporation of Rehabilitative Enterprises
Content-Rich The Prime Minister's Office Information on the PM & the cabinet, Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau, the Election Dept., & the Public Service Division
Content-Rich Singapore 21 Government initiative "to strengthen the "heartware" of Singapore in the 21st century - the intangibles of society like social cohesion, political stability and the collective will, values and attitudes of Singaporeans": events; stories; news; resources
Content-Rich Singapore Government Online Portal Announcements; policies & information; government agencies; eCitizen & eServices; government who's who; press releases, statements & speeches
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