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East & Southeast Asia: An Annotated Directory of Internet Resources
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Singapore: History & Culture
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Contemporary Singapore filmmaking: history, policies and Eric Khoo Tan See Kam, Michael Lee Hong Hwee and Annette Aw's paper in Jump Cut (no. 46, Summer 2003)
Embodied Modernities: Feminist Agency in Singapore Women's Literature Paper by Esha Niyogi de (UCLA) in Genders OnLine Journal (36, 2002)
Content-Rich Knowledge Net: Singapore "a multimedia, content-rich web site on Singapore history": the Singapore Chronicles, including biographies, oral histories, geographical data, & chronologies; Singapore History Forum, including digitized archives of historical documents, audio-visual archive, & an e-journal
Lost Youths and Closely Watched Shorts: Singapore Film in 2003 Yvonne Ng Uhde e Jan Uhde's program notes for the Udine Far East Film Festival 2004
National Archives of Singapore: Oral History Recordings Sample audio clips by rickshaw pullers in Hokkien, & links to National Heritage Board, museums, & national archives
Content-Rich The National Heritage Board "preserves, presents and promotes the cultural heritage of Singapore"; information & links to its institutions Singapore Public Art "a database of public art in Singapore, & notes & news on public art developments"
Romancing Singapore 2003 "a month long festival to celebrate love and the message that 'love is the little things'"
Shiokadelicious! A Singaporean blog on experiences & recipes of delicious food
Singapore: Arts Compiled by Universes in Universe: Directories, art history, institutions, galleries, exhibitions, artists, etc.
Singapore: Past, Present & Future Compiled by Nanyang Technological University Library: print, media & Web resources; Library e-resources
Singapore Art Museum Mission "to preserve & present the art histories & contemporary art practices of Singapore & the Southeast Asia region": current & past exhibitions; highlights of permanent collection
Content-Rich Singapore History Museum Past & present exhibitions, with topics ranging from Chinese secret societies to the Pacific War to weddings & marriage, all with extensive commentaries & images Humor site aiming to "celebrate all the nonsensical parts of Singaporean life"
Wirecrossing: 24 Hours in Central Singapore "a unique web-film project as part of spell#7's The Year Of Living Digitally," created by "a diverse range of Singaporean artists" (Sept. 27, 2003)
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