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East & Southeast Asia: An Annotated Directory of Internet Resources
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Philippines: Political & Social Issues
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General Regional Conflicts & Terrorism Human Rights & Democratization
Economic & Social Equity Labor Human Development: Health & Education
  Women's Issues  
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Kaisa Home Page A non-governmental organization which promotes Filipino-Chinese friendship & integration of Chinese into Philippine society
Content-Rich Philippine Institute for Development Studies (PIDS) Economic & social statistics; agricultural statistics; GIS-based socioeconomic profile of the Philippines; SocioEconomic Research Portal for the Philippines; resources for legislators; Social Science & Policy Research Network for Agriculture
The Philippines: Disgraceful State
Part 1: The Sick Man of Asia
Part 2: Good Fellas with Tagalog Subtitles
Part 3: Poverty, Corruption: The Ties that Bind
Part 4: Will the Last One Leaving Please Turn Off the Lights
Part 5: All Quiet on the Second Front
Pepe Escobar's exploration of "both the makings and the makers behind the social catastrophe a once rich and promising nation (called "the next Japan" 40 years ago) has become," with photos by Kevin Nortz (Asia Times, Oct. 1-7, 2004)
The Philippines - New Directions in Domestic Policy & Foreign Relations An Asia Society publication edited by David G. Timberman
NewThe Pope John Paul's People: A Journey through the Catholic World A Guardian special report in the wake of Pope John Paul II's death, including stories from the Phillipines on the function of the Catholic church as vehicle for social change & reactions of Filipino Catholics (Apr. 5, 2005)
NewReuters AlertNet - Philippines Floods News stories on floodings in Dec. 2004
World Legal Information Institute: Philippines Laws & legal information, organized by various categories
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Regional Conflicts & Terrorism
Abu Sayyaf Emily Clark's report on gang terrorizing the southern Philippines (Center for Defense Information, March 5, 2002)
Compromising on Autonomy: Mindanao in Transition An issue of Accord: an International Review of Peace Initiatives on the Mindanao region of the southern Philippines
Just Peace "a community of peace advocates ... committed to a just & lasting peace in the Philippines": news & views; status of peace talks, documents, & perspectives; chronology & views on the Mindanao crisis; bibliography & resources
Muslim Separatism in the Philippines Thomas McKenna's interview with AsiaSource, discussing the historical roots & present status of Muslim separatism in the Philippines
People on War Country Report: Philippines Report for the People on War project of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) based on face-to-face interviews, group discussions, & national public opinion surveys to give "the general public a chance to air their views on the many facets of war" (Dec. 1999; PDF format)
Philippines - Islands Under Siege Frontline World documentary on Muslim rebels in Mindanao, with video online, reporter's diary, & related background information (June 2003)
NewReuters AlertNet - Philippines-Mindanao Conflict News stories on the conflict between the government & Muslim rebels in Southern Philippines
Terrorism in the Southern Philippines: Contextualising the Abu Sayyaf Group as an Islamist Secessionist Organisation Charles Donnelly's paper on the resilience of the terrorist group (Proceedings of the 15th Biennial Conference of the Asian Studies Association of Australia in Canberra, 2004; PDF format)
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Human Rights & Democratization
Amnesty International Report: Philippines
New2005; 20042003; 2002; 2001; 2000
Annual summaries of the human rights situation
Country Reports on Human Rights Practices: Philippines
2003; 2002; 2001; 2000; 1999; 1998
Annual reports by the Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor of the U.S. Department of State
Estrada's Impeachment 2000 An AsiaTODAY special report (Nov. 29, 2000): articles & commentary; interviews; news sources & links
Focus on the Philippines An Asian Perspectives publication based on panel discussions on "the ouster of President Estrada, & the prospects for political & economic reform with newly-elected President Macapagal-Arroyo" (March 2001)
Joseph Ejercito Estrada Official site of the ousted president of the Philippines, presenting the views of him & his supporters
Materials on the Erap Impeachment & Corruption Case Statements & news stories on the impeachment of President Estrada
National Institute for Policy Studies (NIPS) "the principal political institute that undertakes programs for the promotion of liberalism and democracy in the Philippines"
Never Again Remembrance of martial law under Marcos: current initiatives on memory, truth-telling & the pursuit of justice; history & legacies of the Marcos dictatorship; resources; art, music, & poetry under repression
Showdown John Stanmeyer's photo essay on the 2004 presidential campaign in the Philippines (Time Asia, May 10, 2004)
Solidarity Philippines Australia Network (SPAN) "a network of Filipino & Australian individuals & organisations active in solidarity with the struggles of the Filipino peoples for Human Rights, Self-Determination, Social Justice, Peace & Democracy"
TIME Person of the Year Archive: Corazon Aquino, 1986 Pico Iyer's profile of the leader of the People's Revolution & president of the Philippines
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Economic & Social Equity
Anihan: Agrarian Reform & Rural Development in the Philippines "maintained by numerous agrarian reform & rural development organizations": analyses; campaigns; field stories; news & updates; resources
Balay "A resource & advocacy site on housing & urban poor issues": news updates; legislation; demolition monitor; links
Changes in Spatial Income Inequality in the Philippines: An Exploratory Analysis Paper by Arsenio M. Balisacan & Nobuhiko Fuwa (World Institute for Development Economics Research, May 2004; PDF format)
Philippines Country Assessment: Targeting Poor Families Country profile from the UNDP Poverty Report 2000
Social Watch Country Report: Philippines Compiled by an international network checking on the fulfillment of internationally agreed commitments on poverty eradication & equality: present situation; progress & regression; signatures & ratifications
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The Philippines Report by U.S. Dept. of Labor's Bureau of International Labor Affairs (ILAB)
Social Dialogue and Labour Market Performance in the Philippines Tayo Fashoyin's working paper (International Labour Organization, 2003; PDF format)
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Human Development: Health & Education
1995 Survey on Children 5 - 17 Years Old (SCL), in Philippines A publication of the International Programme on the Elimination of Child Labour
IBON Foundation "a research-education-information development institution [that] undertakes the study of socio-economic issues that confront Philippine society and the world today," with online databank
Popplanet Country Profile: Philippines Resources on health & environmental issues
Population and Family Planning
Laws, Policies and Regulations: Philippines
Compendium of relevant documents
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Women's Issues
Performing Identities, Creating Cultures of Circulation: Filipina Migrants Between Home and Abroad Deirdre McKay on the experiences of migrant domestic workers from the Philippines (Proceedings of the 15th Biennial Conference of the Asian Studies Association of Australia in Canberra, 2004; PDF format)
Content-Rich Salidumay "Your online Resource & Advocacy Website for Gender & Development": news updates; Beijing issues; women's corner; policy & legal section; publications & resources; directory of women's organizations
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