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East & Southeast Asia: An Annotated Directory of Internet Resources
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Philippines: History & Culture
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Baylans, Asogs, Transvestism, and Sodomy: Gender, Sexuality and the Sacred in Early Colonial Philippines Carolyn Brewer's paper in Intersections (Issue 2, May 1999)
Content-Rich Jim Zwick's projects on the Philippines & the American debate on imperialism, including: Sentenaryo/Centennial: The Philippine Revolution and Philippine-American War; Mark Twain on the Philippines; The War from a Parlor: Stereoscopic Images of the Philippine-American War & Soldiers' Letters Home
NewThe Decade of Living Dangerously: A Chronicle from Lav Diaz Brandon Wee's conversation with Lav Diaz, director of the epic Evolution of a Filipino Family (Senses of Cinema, Jan.-Mar. 2005)
NewFamily Meals, Family Values, and Philippine Cinema: An Interview with Independent Filmmaker Khavn De la Cruz Alexis Tioseco's interview with "the most active filmmaker in the Philippines" (Senses of Cinema, Jan.-Mar. 2005)
Filipino Superheroes Part of the An International Catalogue of Superheroes site: images & characters from "Pinoy Komiks" & films
The History of the Philippines: Pearl of the Orient Seas A short history by Virginia Mitchell, & A Centennial History of Philippine Independence, 1898-1998, by Fraser Weir Showcasing independent Filipino artists: music; film; forums
NewManila at the Edge of Realism Noel Vera on Filipino director Mario O’Hara (Senses of Cinema, Jan.-Mar. 2005)
Natives' Wish -- Knowing...Being...Believing in Pinoy "a peek at the other part of the Philippines, the beautiful, funny, hopeful part, the part that almost never makes it to the front page"
Neely's Photographs: Fighting in the Philippines Hypertext edition by Jim Zwick of a book of photographs of the Spanish-American War in the Philippines
Philippine Centennial Celebration Commemoration of the 100th anniversary of Philippine independence: "reliving the crisis moments of the republic before falling under the yoke of new conquerors"
A Philippine Leaf The ancient culture & writing systems of the Philippines
The Philippine-American War Colorized: Images from the United States of the World Illustrations & captions from 1902 book advocating world government under U.S. leadership
Republic or Empire: American Resistance to the Philippine War Revised 2003 online edition of Daniel B. Schirmer's 1972 book, & other writings by the author
A Tale of Two Wars: The Other Story of America's Role in the Philippines Greg Bankoff's review of recent writings on the Philippine-American War (Foreign Affairs, Nov./Dec. 2002)
Third World Studies Center, The University of the Philippines Objectives, programs & resources of center researching on on different aspects of Philippine & Third World societies & states; table of contents of KASARINLAN, a Philippine Journal of Third World Studies
Udine Far East Film Festival 2004 Program Notes: Philippines Noel Vera's Mission Impossible 2003: Still Impossible... Philippine Cinema in 2003; Jessica Zafra's Waking Up from a Coma: The Philippine Movie Industry in 2003 & interview with Jeffrey Jeturian
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