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East & Southeast Asia: An Annotated Directory of Internet Resources
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Japan: Women & Family Issues
blank space See also the pages on Japanese society & culture, social customssocial conditions & issues, intercultural relations, & the Ainu.
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Changing Attitudes towards Gender Roles in Japan: 2002 Snapshot Commentary on the 2002 Cabinet Office 's gender equality survey by J. Sean Curtin (Sept. 2002)
Child Research Net "non-profit organization devoted to thinking with & about young people in Japan"
Competing Narratives of Romance and Rape: A 'Marital Damages' Trial in Japan Catherine Burns's paper in Intersections (Issue 7, March 2002)
DAPPI (in Japanese) A forum for Japanese working women
Dawn English-language annual newsletters of the Dawn Center or Osaka Prefectural Women's Center, with many essays on Japanese women's issues
Dawn Center (in Japanese & English) Osaka Prefectural Women's Center, "dedicated to the promotion of independence and equal opportunity for men and women": activities; publications; laws & policies related to women; women's centers; statistical data, etc.
eWomen (in Japanese) Information on work, family & entertainment for working Japanese women
Exploring the Gender Gap: Women Speak Out about Working and Raising Children in Contemporary Japan Essay by Susan D. Holloway, Yoko Yamamoto & Sawako Suzuki, UC Berkeley (Child Research Net, 2005)
Feminist History in Japan: National and International Perspectives Andrea Germer's paper in Intersections: Gender, History and Culture in the Asian Context (Issue 9, Aug. 2003)
Gender Equality Bureau, Cabinet Office: Gender Information Site (in Japanese & English) News; policies; documents, white papers, & studies
'I'm Your Venus'/'You're a Rake': Gender and the Grand Narrative in Japanese Television Advertising Todd Joseph Miles Holden's paper in Intersections (Issue 3, Jan. 2000)
Japan Past & Present: A Multidisciplinary Special Issue Issue 7 of Intersections: Gender, History & Culture in the Asian Context (Mar. 2002)
Japan's Feminist Fabulation: Reading Marginal with unisex reproduction as a keyconcept Akiko Ebihara's paper on genres favored by female authors in Japan such as science fiction & manga (Genders OnLine Journal 36, 2002)
Making a Space for Women Intellectuals in Postwar Japan Vanessa B Ward's study of "the few women [intellectuals]who were prominent [in the 1950s] and the contexts in which they operated (Proceedings of the 15th Biennial Conference of the Asian Studies Association of Australia in Canberra, 2004; PDF format) (in Japanese) a Japanese women's lifestyle & shopping site
Ore wa ore dakara ['Because I'm me']: A Study of Gender and Language in the Documentary Shinjuku Boys Claire Maree's paper in Intersections: Gender, History and Culture in the Asian Context (Issue 9, Aug. 2003)
Research by Tanaka Sigeto on Changes in the Sexual Division of Labor, Social Stratification, & Social Research Methodology Published & conference papers by Tohoku University Professor, list of gender & lifecourse researchers in Japan, etc.
Resistance to Difference: Sexual Equality and its Law-ful and Out-law (Anarchist) Advocates in Imperial Japan Hélène Bowen Raddeker's paper on 3 radical feminists in Intersections (Issue 7, March 2002)
The Situation of Women in Japan From Japan Institute of Workers' Evolution: Women in general; working women; changing characteristic of Japan's female workforce; situation of working women (2001)
Tolerance, Form and Female Dis-ease: The Pathologisation of Lesbian Sexuality in Japanese Society Sharon Chalmers's paper in Intersections (Aug. 2001)
Unstable Mothers: Redefining Motherhood in Contemporary Japan Megan McKinlay's essay in Intersections (Issue 7, March 2002)
Violence Against Women in War & Conflict Situations Network, Japan (VAWW-NET-Japan) (in Japanese & English) NGO striving "Toward a 21st Century Without War & Violence Against Women"
Waiting Women: The Return of Stragglers and Japanese Constructions of Womanhood in Collective Memories of World War II, 1972-1974 Beatrice Trefalt's paper in Intersections (Issue 5, May, 2001)
What Japanese Girls Read Akiko Uchiyama on "what the Japanese girl readers read, saw or captured in the translation" of Akage no an (Anne of Green Gables) (Proceedings of the 15th Biennial Conference of the Asian Studies Association of Australia in Canberra, 2004; PDF format)
Women in Japan Today 2003 From the Gender Equality Bureau, the Cabinet Office
Women's Centers in Japan A list of links to national & regional women's centers, & government offices & university institutes related to gender issues
Women & an Aging Society: Utilizing the Power & Experience of the Elderly in Society Dawn Center Newsletter (Dec. 2003) in PDF format, with essays on gender issues related to Japan's aging society due to rising life expectancy & declining birth rate (in Japanese) A site promoting women's professional careers & entrepreneurship
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